Please, don’t give pets as gifts at Christmas

animal speak with Lindsay Curry - Please, don’t give pets as gifts at Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner – please resist the impulse to buy a pet as a gift for someone else!

Getting a pet is a personal choice.  The cat or dog I might choose would not necessarily suit someone else.  Pets require a lifelong commitment, so it’s important that the recipient is involved in the choice.  If there are already pets in the home, compatibility is vital.

The holidays are also a time of great excitement and busyness.  It’s hard to give a new pet the attention it deserves.  Pets in new homes face a period of adjustment and stress – they need lots of time with their new family, as well as a calm and predictable environment.

If you have your heart set on making a match between a family and a new pet, here are some alternative ideas.  You can give them a gift certificate for the new pet, a “pet promise” for the new year.

You can also wrap up supplies for the new pet, or books that outline how to care for that pet.

Another cute idea is to give a stuffed animal instead – it can symbolize your pledge  to help find the right animal for them.

Getting a pet is a big decision and not one to enter into on impulse.  Forethought and planning are important parts of the process, and finding the right match of personality, energy level, and care involved is crucial.  Pets are a fantastic addition to the family, and there are creative ways to help your loved ones find the best new family member!