Politics and hot soup

Seniors At Large

On and on it goes, just like a broken record.  Messers Layton, Ignattief, Harper, and their French counter-piece Duceppe.  Their repertoire is boring and there’s nothing they could say to me that would change my mind or my vote.  And the telephone messages they’re feeding us are at best annoying; my hand is sore from the act of phone shutting them up.

What’s to do about it?  Keep your radio and TV’s ear at “off”.

This has been a bad week for me. I was having lunch with friends at the local hotel last Tuesday and looking forward to a bowl of nice hot soup; which came to the table steaming hot – and I mean HOT.  Then it was followed by a nice hot cup of tea.

I took one mouthful of soup, and it caused a chain reaction and landed up in my lap, and some nether parts as well.

Then, not content with that, I spilled the tea in the same spot.

Talk about embarrassing – and of course, the cafe was full of excited onlookers.  I could actually feel my face turning a horrible shade of fuschia.  Oh well, c’est la vie.

There were seven tables of Whist in play at the Don Bugera Memorial Whist Tournament in the Seniors Hall. Winners were Eva Long and Maureen Coleman.  Runners up were Rob Ruttan and Susan Garland.  It was nice to see so many new faces.  I hope you will join us every Monday evening.