Reading and rhyme for all

On Thursdays, until May 19, from 11-11:30 a.m. Baby Toddler Rhyme Time takes place at the Barriere Library, for babies up to four years of age.

Books of note:

Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree by Nancy Atherton – William Sr. expects a quiet, small-town life, but among the spinsters vying for his attention, shifty servants, and the discovery of a mysterious painting of a family tree in Fairworth’s attic, he discovers that life in Finch is anything but quiet. On top of it all, Lori and William are embroiled in a case of deception and false identity by one of Finch’s own. It’s nothing the plucky Lori can’t handle, but once things get truly peculiar at Fairworth-moving furniture, strange sounds, and mysterious visitors-she calls on Aunt Dimity for her otherworldly guidance and uncovers the shadowy past beneath the estate’s magnificent surface.

Heaven is High by Kate Wilhelm – When former NFL football player Martin Owens and his wife, Binnie, who was born mute, arrive on lawyer Barbara’s doorstep, she’s moved by their plight. Three years earlier, while cruising with five teammates on a rented yacht near Haiti, Martin found Binnie hiding in his stateroom. He helped smuggle her into the U.S., and they fell in love. Now INS wants to deport her, even though Binnie isn’t a Haitian citizen. Barbara agrees to take the case, and realizes that the truth lies in Belize with Binnie’s family,

Nancy Drew, Vampire Slayer – by Sarah Kinney and Stefan Petrucha What happens when a supposedly “real” handsome young vampire arrives on the scene? Will Nancy expose him as a fraud — or fall under his dark spell? As if that wasn’t enough– there’s something dark and sinister happening while everyone’s distracted by the vampire madness.