Recliner acrobatics


In spite of the rainy weather we’ve been having, my tomato plants have reached 12 feet in height and are still climbing. I can’t find longer stakes, so they’ll have to climb on their own now.  Should be interesting! The cucumber vines are very large, too, and I’m expecting lots of good things of both of them.

My laugh of the month (and you’d have to have seen it to believe it): There’s really no way to describe it, but at one moment our friend Donna and her recliner were doing a sort of vertical flip, assisted by the recliner remote, which she was stabbing away at. We have movies every Friday night in the dining room, and we had just finished watching one movie when Donna performed her aerial flight.  Part two of a double feature, I guess.  After major panic reigned, she returned to earth.  I’d invite you all to see it but I don’t think she’ll be doing it again.