Roy and Trigger ride again

Roy and Trigger ride again - Senior's At Large, Barriere BC

All traces of Easter are gone around my apartment; so we’ll have to invent a new holiday to add a bit of whimsey to fill up our otherwise long days.  There’s no doubt the dining room is the favourite place to go here.  Coffee and muffins are the between-meals choice, and the clang of walkers is evident up and down the hall.

Very old cowboy movies can sometimes be available on the Vision TV channel. Does anybody around here remember Roy Rogers’ movies?  Always accompanied by his faithful horse ‘Trigger’, his friend Tonto (which I used to remember as Toronto despite my brothers correcting me time and again); or maybe that was the Lone Ranger’s friend?  I think Roy’s buddies were  Pat Brady and Gabby Hays.

Then there was his sometimes love interest, Dale Evans.  Add to that the good guys and the bad ones, and you always got to know who was ‘which’ very early in the film.  And always the bad guys got cut off at the pass.  Yes, always!

And remember the everything store, where the good always shopped, and nine times out of 10 they’d get a huge sack of flour from the general store.