Saskia and Darrel

Saskia and Darrel

Saskia and Darrel back in town for a Cabin Fever Concert

Cabin Fever Concert presented by the Church of St Paul (4464 Barriere Town Road, Barriere)

Saskia and Darrel, aka The Great Plains, are certainly no strangers to Barriere, so get ready, sit back and expect to enjoy a heart-warming evening of music, merriment, and mayhem, as they continue to deliver a wonderful blend of music at the Cabin Fever Concert presented by the Church of St Paul (4464 Barriere Town Road, Barriere) on Tuesday, Mar. 26, at 7 p.m.

The concert promises a “fabulous Folk Concert with Country, Celtic, and Bluegrass Flavours.

Saskia and Darrel will be delighting the audience with tales about Louis Riel, war brides, miners, and David Thompson; then surprisingly will break into Swiss yodeling, or sing in Gaelic, Spanish, Dutch, German or French.

Darrel and Saskia are practicing spiritualists, long distance hikers, and part-time vegetarians. In their long and speckled careers they have been incarnated as loggers, fire-camp cooks, real estate aide-de-campes, and gandy-dancers.

Ultimately though, despite the better advices of their children, their love of music won out and they escaped reality by promising each other that they would sustain a life-style by touring the world and playing folk music. And so they did.

The Great Plains, are a veteran touring act; with an easy, crowd-friendly style that instantly endears them to any audience. This is true Canadiana; real songs drenched in our culture and heritage delivered in a comfortable highly skilled set with oodles of self-poking humour.

The pair have also have toured extensively with Gary Fjellgaard for the last 10 years, performed with Valdy, they opened for the Good Brothers, Ian Tyson, and many more….They were awarded Top Folk /Roots Album in Holland; Artist, Album, and Songwriter of the year from SCMA, received  Top 5 People’s choice awards, and have enjoyed many years airplay on the Top Indie folk/roots charts in Europe.

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Tickets for the Cabin Fever Concert are $12 each, and can be obtained at St. Paul’s Thrift Store and Thrift Store Annex,  or by calling Lesley Stirling for tickets and info at 250-672 -5702.