Small dog with a big attitude

Small dog with a big attitude - Seniors at Large column

My new dog is about two-and-a-half inches long, when measured in doggy (a dog form of metrics) and is constantly putting out a challenge from the safety of my apartment.

So, how do you stop the barking when he gets into barking mode?

Cody tells me the barking is a form of ‘dogeze’, that says my dog will fight anyone or anything that dares to pass by his area.

Trouble is, I can’t find anything willing to take him on and maybe cool his heels a little.  The huge house cat (the one with the large hungry looking eyes) that resides here would have an unfair advantage, even though my Cody thinks he’s the toughest thing since Pavarotti.  A bit of advice here, don’t tackle our Ginger, or you’ll probably be in the medical clinic next door for a few months.

For a change it’s a nice day out there, almost time to get the seed catalogue out and start ordering all those seeds you’ll need for gardening.  Since my backyard is totally covered with rocks of all sizes, my order is very small; but I’ll still have a few tomatoes and cucumbers to demolish.

In the meantime, my kitchen table is my garden for want of anyplace else.  Now, if only all the flyers and assorted junk was moved, it would be as good as a miniature Art Knapps – without the rent.