SPCA launches online emergency fund to save animal lives

SPCA launches online emergency fund to
save animal lives

Have you ever felt helpless after seeing a story of animal cruelty in the news? Now you can take action to save the life of an injured or abused animal through a new emergency medical website launched by the BC SPCA this week. The new site (spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency) profiles injured animals currently in the SPCA’s care and encourages donors to be part of their treatment and rehabilitation.

“The BC SPCA cares for more than 25,000 injured, abused and abandoned animals every year across the province,” says Shoni Field, director of fundraising operations and innovation for the BC SPCA. “Many of the animals require extensive – and expensive – emergency medical care and treatment, often exceeding the funds available in a shelter’s regular medical budget. Our online site is a way for us to connect injured animals with compassionate individuals who help us save lives by donating to an animal’s care.” The site features stories about animals across the province who are undergoing treatment, with updates on their recovery so that donors can see the difference their contribution has made.

“We are so grateful to the individuals who provide life-saving support for our province’s most vulnerable animals,” says Field. “Our veterinary costs exceed $5 million a year and, as a not-for-profit organization, we simply could not do the work that we do without the generosity of individuals who reach out to give the wonderful animals in our care a second chance.”

To help save a life, please visit spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency.