Star/Journal 2012 Christmas Story Contest Entrants

his week we are publishing below some of the other entrants submissions to the contest

Last week we named and published the winners in our annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest.  We thank all of the children who took the time to enter and share with our readers their creative essays. This week we are publishing below some of the other entrants submissions to the contest.   The stories are from both Division 1 (Kindergarten to Grade 3), and Division 2 (Grade 4 to Grade 7), and will appear in random order.


How the kitten believed in Christmas

Once upon a time there was a kitten.

He lived in a cold forest. It was Christmas night, but the kitten did not like Christmas.

He was in his bedroom yelling at the kids because they were laughing.  He did not like the sound of laugter.  Then Santa came down the chimney!  The kitten said go away.

How come, said Santa.

Because I don’t like Christmas, said the kitten.

Well, I’m warning you there will be three ghosts at midnight.  The first one will be a candle.  The second ghost will be a knight.  The last ghost will be a dog.  I’m warning you.

But then he got so scared he fell on a chair.  He kept swirling and swirling.  Then he fell off the chair.  He got up, but he was so dizzy he ran into the wall and then he fell again!

When he fell, he got the Spirit of Christmas!

By: Kaden Van Niewkerk

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



A Christmas story

Deep in the heart of the mountain Bomer there lived a kitten named Mr. Fluff. Mr. Fluff  was not like every other kitten if you tried to cuddle with Mr. Fluff he will probably bite your nose and claw your chin.

You might think what does Mr. Fluff look like, well he is grey and black and he has a massive moustache that goes to cheek to cheek.

Well this is a story about how Mr. Fluff found his Christmas spirit. It all started one Christmas eve night when Mr. Fluff was not a Mr he was a Kitten. Mr. Fluff always wanted the super cool cat house. He even wrote a letter to Santa saying he really really wanted the super cool cat house.

Christmas day finally came and he woke up his parent at 3:00 am. An Mr. Fluff opened every present but one the biggest one of them all.

It was exactly the same size as the super cool cat house. So Mr. Fluff ran at the giant present and opened it and it was not the super cool cat house and Mr. Fluff had the biggest temper tantrum ever. An Mr. Fluff never celebrated Christmas since.

It was Christmas Eve on the mountain Bomer and Mr. Fluff was a little bit excited and tired at the same time so he went to bed. In the morning when Mr. Fluff woke up there was a giant present in his living room and it was  the exact same size as the super cool cat house so Mr. Fluff ran over and opened it up and it was just what he wanted, the super cool cat house.

And that’s how Mr. Fluff  found the spirit of Christmas.

Chant Copley

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



A Christmas story

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Jack. Jack has always had the most dreadful horrific worst Christmases ever! His previous Christmases have always been some where on the line of bugs eating the presents to just forgetting to buy them. But not this year he said this will be the most best Christmas ever!

On Christmas eve he said this is not going to suck this is going to be a bad Christmas so he wished upon a star he said, “I wish I could be the most. I wish I could be Santa!”

The next morning he woke up and said Merry Christmas.

It’s not Christmas sweet pea,  its Christmas Eve!

The next morning although he thought was not Christmas. He was right but he had a Santa suit on and all the Santa features like the hat and beard.

So he said I got to ditch this. But it was not  a suit. Had he turned into Santa? As soon as he new it he was dropping presents in chimneys like magic.

Later that day the real Santa came and said you saved Christmas Jack.

Santa! Jack said. Thank you said Jack for the best Christmas ever.

Your welcome said Santa. Then Santa was gone, poof. But by that time Jack was already out of his bed and up telling his mom all his Christmas  memories. Turns out that was the best Christmas ever.

By Emma Hamblin

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



My Very Most Favourite Christmas

One early Christmas morning, on a cold winter morning, at 6 a.m., CJ, Jackson and John all woke up and saw many presents.  They had their name on each one.  There was one big present with all their names on it: CJ, John and Jackson.  The present was a great big sled!  The sled was black and yellow and the bottom was very smooth.  The sides were 4cm tall.

CJ, John and Jackson all got dressed for winter and looked for a big hill.  Finally, they found a really big hill.  They all walked up the really big hill and they went really fast!  They did it again and again.  They all had a really good time sledding.

When they got home they finished opening their presents.  CJ got a battle gone.  There were three of them.  John opened one of his presents, he got a box of Star Wars Lego.  He had 4 guys.  They were 5cm tall and the lego creation was 15cm tall.

Finally Jackson opened his present.  He got Lego Ninja.  He got 5 lego guys.  CJ opened another present, he got an even bigger battle gone with a really big card.  John opened another present.  This time he got Lego Ninja instead of the first present he got which was some Star Wars Lego.  Jackson opened another present.  He got a big skateboard.  Then he opened another present and a third present. Then they all finished opening all of their presents.

Then they had dinner, they had turkey.

Next Christmas there were NO presents, there was NO celebration.

The next day, they woke up to many presents.  CJ looked at the calendar.  Yesterday was December 24th, today is December 25th!

By Macky Jackson

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



My Very Most Favourite Christmas

It was a boring Christmas.  Nothing made me happy.  I was bored out of my mind. There was nothing to do.

So I wrote a story…

Here are the names of the characters: Cadence, Teagen, Irene, Sean, Joan, Cher and Chipy.  Here’s how it goes…

Once upon a time there was a family that was happy for Christmas.

Then it was time for opening presents.  This is what they got. A new dog, a goldfish, a cat, some clothes, some shoes and boots. It was awesome!

Then they helped make dinner.  It was done.  It was delishus and scrumshas!  I love Christmas!  The End.

I wish I felt that way.  I would love to be like that family.

“Candence, it’s time for dinner.”  We ate chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy.  It was not that bad.  “Cadence, it’s time to open presents.”  I opened my present, it was a REAL puppy!

I am so happy.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you so much!  I love you guys!

The next present was a chocolate bar, a toothbrush and 2 candy canes.  I felt better now.  The end.

By Cadence Beeton

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



Christmas kitten

It was four days before Christmas Eve. I’m Frankie by the way, my owners are out Christmas shopping at the moment,  I’m home alone except for the dog Lilly. We get along but when it comes to Christmas we are best friends because this family is so loving during the Christmas season.

We have family coming in to town from all over the country, we live in British Columbia. We have family in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and we have some family coming from Alaska.

They have a long drive from Alaska, our owners agreed to meet them half way then drive back into B.C. Hopefully before family from Alberta, Saskatchewan,and Manitoba because they have a shorter drive than our other side of the family in Alaska. When everyone arrives on Christmas eve we will have dinner and tell story’s until nine o’clock at night.

Then in the morning we will open presents and have breakfast, well that’s the plan for now it may get changed. Our owners will be home from shopping soon. I wanted a mouse on a string for Christmas and Lilly wants a new friend because I don’t really play, I’m usually sleeping or cleaning myself.

Our owners are home and we have just found out that Mia a teenage girl, that is I guess our older sister, is bringing her boyfriend to our Christmas eve dinner with all of our family. She is a little upset because her boyfriend is going to have to meet her crazy family. She has been thinking that maybe it’s not a very good idea. I have to go now because its been four days of me or myself talking to you.

My family is calling me because everyone is here even family from Alaska. Good bye I’ll talk to you next year.

By Geri-lee Genier

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



My favourite Christmas

My favourite Christmas was when I went to sleep the day before Christmas and when I woke up at the coast with all of my family. It was a favourite Christmas because I got to hang out with my family and enjoy Christmas together.  We played lots of games, so it was great fun.

My favourite thing was hiding  the presents. Because I hid my little cousin’s present so far that he started crying and then it was about 12:00 pm and I had go get it for him.  It was a very scary walk for me. So half way I stopped, came back and took my older cousin, and I went to go get it.

When we came back we opened all the presents.

I got good presents, but one was missing. I asked where is it?

My little cousin had hidden it in the house.

It was pretty easy to find.

After that we had some hot chocolate.

I was still surprised how I made it to the coast. Christmas with my full family was my favourite Christmases because I got to enjoy it with my family.

When I went to sleep I had a dream.  I was in Barriere all by myself not at the coast with my cousin. I did not know if this was real or not.

I think maybe I was never at the coast with my cousins, but thought that could never be a dream it was so much fun.

So I put cloths on and went outside after I woke up; and I was so happy that I hugged everyone. I told everyone it was my favourite Christmas.

By Karan Gill

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



The Lost Kitten

Have you seen my kitten Angus?

No! Yes! Where?

In the bed on the top floor of the house.

I have her lunch.  I’ll go get her.  Two more days until Christmas.  I got her.  Do you like Christmas girl?  Meow, good.  Lunchtime.  Meow, prrrr!  I hope she likes X-mas, Mom.  I hope you are right.

Bedtime, get your PJs on and brush your teeth.  I’ll tuck you in.

OK, Mom! Goodnight, Dad.

Up and at’em, it’s morning Dad.  I will go feed Angus.

Good idea, what’s for breakfast today?

Toast. Okay.  Where’s Angus?

I don’t know, maybe she ran away?

This is a mystery!  Can we solve it? Yes!

Step #1: look for hints. What’s this? Down on the floor? Follow them, they lead to stairs.  Where’s Angus?  I am stumped!  This stinks!

Lunchtime.  What’s for lunch?

Noodles.  Awesome!

Eat up. Done. Let’s go X-mas shopping.  Yah!  I’m going to get you – oops! Haa, haaa. Hop in the car, it’s snowing Dad!  Cool.

What’s that on the the road?  It’s Angus!  Let’s take her home. She’ll be home for Christmas!

By Connor Farrow

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



Saving Christmas!

Where are all of the presents?  I do not know.  Do you know?

No, I do not know. Do you know?  Yes, on your bed.

Why are they on the bed?  I don’t know, but I saw something move.

Then why didn’t you say that last time?

Because I thought you would be scared.  Why?

You would be scared because it is a ghost!

I have to see this ghost right now!  Now we have to save Christmas.

That’s great but you have to be watching the ghost.

Yes. sir, okay. I’m going in my room.

Okay, I’m going in… found the presents!

By Sebastian Sabyan

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



The Kitten that found the Spirit of Christmas

Once upon a time in quiet house not a ….*CRASH*.

Here we go again, Fritz the bad kitten that is ruining all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Fritz does not get what Christmas is about, all he knows is that he likes ruining decorations. Well he will have a surprise on Christmas Eve when the two spirits of Christmas visit him.

It was Christmas Eve and the hand on the old grandfather clock struck 12, now he is in for a surprise. 

All of a sudden a glowing cat came out of the grandfather clock. The cat starts meowing “meow meow”.

Then Fritz shoots off the couch and just about faints when he sees the glowing cat figure standing before him.

“Hello Fritz, I’m the spirit of Christmas Past and since you have not been alive for any other Christmases, I will just give you a few property rules about what the pets are supposed act like around Christmas before the other spirit comes,” said the glowing entity.

“Well then hurry up, I’m not getting any younger, and any way what is your name?” said Fritz.

“I’m Zara. OK, rule number one. Never mess with the Christmas decorations. Two – Never be rude to the spirits of Christmas. Three – Act cute and loving no matter what.”  And with that she vanished into thin air.

Fritz thought that he was just seeing things so he went back to sleep.

At 1:00 a.m. another spirit came out of the clock and Fritz woke up instantly.

“I guess that your the 2nd spirit,” said Fritz.

“Yes I am,” said the black cat that was also glowing. “I will take you through the present and future, but I will have to do it quickly, I only have 15 minutes before Santa comes to deliver the presents.”

“OK, lets get it over with,” said Fritz.

So the spirit showed him a replay of today wrecking everything.  Fritz felt bad.

Now he sees the future.  His looks very unfortunate. He is in a pound because his family got rid of him because he ruined Christmas.

In the morning, while watching the kids open presents, now he gets what Christmas is all about.

By Katelyn Palmer

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



Christmas Story- My very most Favourite Christmas

Who would like some freshly made hot chocolate? Mother asked us on Christmas morning. I was so excited to open presents!

My name is Laura and I am a seven year old girl.

“Yes mom, I would love to have some hot chocolate,” I said!

Everyone in the family, including friends and other relatives were in the warm living room. We were all waiting for my mom to return with a tray with boiling cocoa on it. I was so eager and impatient to open my presents and see my brothers and sisters open theirs too. I have two older protective brothers that I love very much.

When mom came back and I helped handout hot chocolate, and my oldest brother Noah started telling his favourite past Christmas and as I finished helping mom I sat beside Noah and Shawn my other brother and I started telling my favourite past Christmas. So as I was about to start it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop and everyone’s eyes were on me!

“So when I was five, it was just a few days before Christmas, mom and dad told me that I was being bad! So then I went to Noah and he told that he thought that I was being good,  but then he said that maybe mom and dad see things a different way!

So that same day Shawn, Noah and I hurried at the dinner table and we made sure that once we finished that we all cleaned the table, washed, dried and kept the dishes. The next day was Christmas Eve and I was the first one awake, and I hustled outside and did all the chores!

The day went by fast and I went to bed that night thinking that I would have lots of presents to open. Then on Christmas morning I ran to everyone’s room and then we opened all of our presents I had so many to open! So that is my favourite Christmas –  along with this one,”  I said to everyone, and we all had a great time together!

By Katherine Pelayo Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



How the Kitten Found the Spirit of Christmas

Once upon a time there was a kitten.  He lived in a cold forest. It was Christmas night, but the kitten did not like Christmas.  He was in his bedroom yelling at the kids because they were laughing.  He did not like the sound of laughter.

Then Santa came down the chimney!

The kitten said go away.  How come, said Santa.  Because I don’t like Christmas, said the kitten.

Well, I’m warning you there will be three ghosts at midnight.  The first one will be a candle.  The second ghost will be a knight.  The last ghost will be a dog.  I’m warning you.

But then he got so scared he fell on a chair.  He kept swirling and swirling.

Then he fell off the chair.  He got up, but he was so dizzy he ran into the wall and then he fell again!

When he fell, he got the Spirit of Christmas!

By Kaden ???

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



My Very Most Favourite Christmas

On a Christmas morning, in a warm house, Sam and Sarah ran down the stairs to the Christmas tree.  They opened their presents. There were all kinds of toys but Sam and Sarah found two big presents with their names on them.  They saved them for last.  They were really excited because they had been wishing for a puppy.  When they opened them they each found a puppy!

Sam said, “I’m going to name mine Carle.”

Sarah said, “I’m going to name mine Charm.”

By Katelyn ????

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3




Once upon a time there were two cats named TeeTee and Snowflake.

They didn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas.

On Christmas morning they didn’t get any presents.

The next Christmas the cats got a present from Santa and they were very happy!

They said, Merry Christmas!

By Justice ????

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



My very most favourite Christmas

On Christmas morning I was ready to dash down stairs to open my present when I noticed there was no presents.  Maybe Santa forgot me, or I was on his naughty list, but I don’t remember being that bad this year .

Oh well, mom and dad might have presents for me in the kitchen, they always do.  There not here either, maybe they hid them in the closet, or they hid the presents in the laundry room . The laundry was just full of clothes all over the place; I don’t think it’s in here.

Two hours later I give up.  I don’t think I am going to have Christmas this year.  I can’t find my presents, and nobody is doing anything at home for Christmas, so I guess I am going to have Christmas by myself.  I went up stairs in my room,  and started to sob. All of a sudden I heard footsteps coming up stairs and “baaannngg”.

I woke up from my deep sleep, gasping with shock, “what a dream” I said. I got out of bed, got dressed,              and dashed downstairs.  I got a glass of milk and chugged it down, got some cookies and ate them, and I went to the living room.  It was full of presents, and my brothers and sisters where opening them like crazy.  I saw a present, it had my name on it.  It said, “Have a very most favourite Christmas.”

“I will”, I said  to myself. I ripped the present wrapping, and I saw a remote control car.

By Aaron Hernandez

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7