Star/Journal 2012 Christmas Story Contest Entrants

From kindergarten to grade 7 young writers bring the holiday spirit to our readers

  • Dec. 27, 2012 5:00 p.m.

We named and published the winners of our annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest on Dec. 13.  We thank all of the children who took the time to enter and share with our readers their creative essays. Since then we have been publishing some of the other entrants submissions to the contest in our holiday issues.   The stories are from both Division 1 (Kindergarten to Grade 3), and Division 2 (Grade 4 to Grade 7), and will appear in random order.

My Very Most Favourite Christmas

On a Christmas morning, in a warm house, Sam and Sarah ran down the stairs to the Christmas tree.  They opened their presents. There were all kinds of toys but Sam and Sarah found two big presents with their names on them.  They saved them for last.  They were really excited because they had been wishing for a puppy.  When they opened them they each found a puppy!

Sam said, “I’m going to name mine Carle.”

Sarah said, “I’m going to name mine Charm.”

By Katelyn Giles

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3




Once upon a time there were two cats named TeeTee and Snowflake.

They didn’t believe in the spirit of Christmas.

On Christmas morning they didn’t get any presents.

The next Christmas the cats got a present from Santa and they were very happy!

They said, Merry Christmas!

By Justice Wassmer

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



My very most favourite Christmas

On Christmas morning I was ready to dash down stairs to open my present when I noticed there was no presents.  Maybe Santa forgot me, or I was on his naughty list, but I don’t remember being that bad this year .

Oh well, mom and dad might have presents for me in the kitchen, they always do.  They’re not here either, maybe they hid them in the closet, or they hid the presents in the laundry room . The laundry was just full of clothes all over the place; I don’t think it’s in here.

Two hours later I give up.  I don’t think I am going to have Christmas this year.  I can’t find my presents, and nobody is doing anything at home for Christmas, so I guess I am going to have Christmas by myself.  I went up stairs in my room,  and started to sob. All of a sudden I heard footsteps coming up stairs and “baaannngg”.

I woke up from my deep sleep, gasping with shock, “what a dream” I said. I got out of bed, got dressed,              and dashed downstairs.  I got a glass of milk and chugged it down, got some cookies and ate them, and I went to the living room.  It was full of presents, and my brothers and sisters where opening them like crazy.  I saw a present, it had my name on it.  It said, “Have a very most favourite Christmas.”

“I will”, I said  to myself. I ripped the present wrapping, and I saw a remote control car.

By Aaron Hernandez

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



Silly the Christmas Ninja Kitten

This is a story about a charcoal black and not to mention a very sneaky kitten named Silly, and he liked to play ninja warrior but Silly had no one wanted to play with Silly because Silly was homeless. But one day another little kitty explained what Cat Santa  was, Silly  did not know  who cat Santa was so one day Silly put on his sneaky ninja suit and he decided to go venture off looking for cat Santa.

So he bounced through the snow using his super ninja speed.  He had almost made it there when a bunch of elf cats attacked Silly, so he pulled out his handy dandy bow staff and beat those dumb elf cats up and continued trying to find cat Santa. He had finally found a giant candy cane that said on it Cat Santa was here. So Silly Knew he was close he took about 50 steps then he found a huge factory he figured that Cat Santa is got to be in there.

So he slowly entered the odd building and looked around and saw  a bunch of elf cats along with cat Santa. And cat Santa said “hello their little kitten  I will grant you one wish”. So Silly said “I just want someone to adopt me”  So cat Santa granted Silly’s wish and now Silly lives a very happy kitten.

By Andre Parent

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



My Very Most Favourite Christmas

Santa was making presents.  He was making stuffys and yo-yos.  He was almost done.

Tomorrow night is Christmas, Santa said, but we can still work.

The elves started to make more stuff.  It was lunch time.

The elves talk and they talk about making more stuff.  Santa said, you need to start to work now while I polish my sleigh.  And I will paint it while you make more toys.  Make it good.

Santa was all done.  He is starting to go give presents to kids.  He`s starting to go.  His reindeer start to run.  They are in the sky.  Santa is in the air.  He did 7 houses.

OH NO!  Santa crashes!  I see it on my computer.  He has crashed now.  How are we going to help him?

We can ride Santa`s extra sleigh.  Yah!  Only 2 of us have to go.  Let`s get it ready.  OK. We are going to leave but the wind is strong.

There is Santa.  Let`s go down onto the snow.  We got him. The snow is strong.  We`re back.  We have to get his reindeer, I will be back.  There’s his reindeer!  We go get them!

We are almost there.  I see our house.  We are back.  We made it.  How is Santa?  A little good.

How are we going to help him?  I know. We can get a bucket of hot water.  Yah!  I`ll get it.  OK.  Here is the water.

Is Santa okay?  I`m okay.  Santa is okay!

By Emma Pederson

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



The kitten who found the Christmas spirit

It was a cold snowy Christmas Eve when Hailey was going to look at all the beautiful and colourful lights. Hailey had medium brown wavy hair. She was dressed in a bright red winter coat. Hailey looked over and saw a white fluffy thing in the pale white snow. She picked it up and looked at it closely.

It was a kitten. The kitten was so cold from being out in the snow it looked like it was frozen. The kitten had white fluffy fur and had ocean blue eyes. But there was one strange thing about the kitten it had a red and green collar with little bells on it that said Santa’s little helper, name is Snowball.

Hey, your Santa’s helper.

Hailey took Snowball home. Snowball noticed that there was no Christmas decorations up. She made Snowball her own bed. Snowball jumped in her bed and fell asleep right away.

At midnight S snuck outside and unfolded a map she had in her paws. The map was for Santa’s workshop. Snowball thought to herself if I don’t make it to Santa’s workshop in time then Hailey won’t have any decorations and won’t be in the Christmas spirit for Christmas tomorrow.

Snowball made it to Santa’s workshop, found some decorations and got Hailey her present from Santa. Snowball got home, decorated the house and put the present under the tree.

Now Hailey is all ready and full of Christmas spirit.

That is how the kitten found the Christmas spirit.

By Brooke Hartman

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6





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Santa got Stuck in the Chimney!

One morning Zoe my sister woke up.  She started to yell in my ear and so I woke up.

Oh, my name is Hannah.

And then my Dad woke up and sighed.  After my Dad woke up, my Mom did.

I said Oh! I didn`t want Mom to hear us.  So we got dressed and then we decorated the Christmas tree.  Tomorrow is Christmas.

That night Santa came.  He came down the chimney, but not up!

My cat Wishes tried to push him. I got up and helped. Santa did not get up.  It did not work at all!  So my dog Dug tried to help but it did not work!  This time the reindeer helped but it still did not work!

So that minute a mouse came out of it`s house and started to help but it did not work!  The mouse got a crane to get Santa out.  That worked!

Santa flew through the air!  Santa landed on the sleigh and off they go into the sky saying, `Ho, Ho, Ho!  Merry Christmas!`

By Hannah Kershaw

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3

A Christmas Story

It`s Christmas!  I am so excited, I can`t wait to see what Santa brought me.   I am also looking forward to seeing my Aunt and Uncle.

Mom, Dad and I go to the living room and start to open our gifts.  We do this every year, Dad plays Santa and hands out the gifts.  After breakfast we all go outside.  My dog Brinkley tows me on a sleigh around the yard.  Mom hears the phone ring and it`s Grandma.  Grandma and Grandad can`t make it to our house for Christmas because it`s snowing too much.  The roads are closed!  We won`t see them.  It was sad.   Dad wanted to make everyone happy, so he said, `Let`s go visit the neighbours.`

Callie said, `Yes!  Let`s go!`

By Callie Clarke

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



How the Kitten found the Spirit of Christmas

The night before Christmas and everything was still.  Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

But the kitten, named Fluffy, did not like Christmas.  He was a grouch!

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And he did not like presents!  He did not even like Santa!

Santa thought that he was a grouch.  Tuffy did not like reindeer he only thought about himself.  He did not even like dogs.  He thought they were ugly and Tuffy was mad and he was going to bed.

While in bed, something magical happened… Tuffy thought about Christmas.  He thought that Christmas really meant so much to the children.

By Hunter Bloomfield

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



The Kitten that Found The Christmas Spirit

I’m walking along the icy road all I see is snow flying every were there’s a blizzard. I am trying to get home for  Christmas break  I think to my self I’m only 8 something can happen I can get lost or even get taken, I don’t know what to do.  I look over and I see something in the ditch its brown and furry it has light brown beautiful strips. I wonder what it is? I walk over and it looks at me with stunning pearl green eyes, its a cat, I pick it up and I want it.   I start walking with the cat I ask it what its name is? It doesn’t answer. Well my name is Ally Marie Creek and I am going to name you Kitty. I know its original  but it suits you. It is Christmas, do you know what Christmas? Well if your wondering what Christmas is I will tell you. It is warm turkey dinner and  spending time with your family and the ones that you love. Well now that I told you what Christmas is I think I have some bad news. I think we are going to have to sleep in a ditch because I do not know where we are going. We can still celebrate Christmas since Christmas isn’t all about presents as I said before its spending time with the ones that you love.

I wake up, my blond curls are in my face, my body is frozen. I see something its a car,  a black car, its my mom.

Ally I missed you.

I missed you to, and I missed Christmas, but I spent it with this cat named Kitty. I taught Kitty all about the Christmas spirit. Can I keep Kitty?

Of course you can honey. Lets go you must be freezing.

By Katie McInnes

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



A Christmas Story

Today was interesting  I saw my aunt Jen. Ya, I regret it she is so embarrassing its not even funny and if you think it is wanna change lives. But I love her any ways other then her pinching my cheeks.  Right now they are red.  When I am a  grown women I will miss it if she doesn’t do it then.

Anyways other than all that I am so excited for Christmas.  It is Christmas Eve tomorrow, I will see some family I don’t want to see, but I get to see the other half that gives me presents, I mean cause I love them.

I am so nervous because I am going to see my uncle.   Lets just say he is an all time kick boxing champion and you might not want to get to close to him.  Also tomorrow we are going to my grandmas for dinner.

I can not believe its Christmas Eve as I walk up the stairs and yell merry Christmas every one. I smell the massive turkey coming out of the oven and the mashed creamy potatoes get mashed in the pot.

And out of nowhere out pops my aunt Jen, and pinches my cheeks.

I said who cares, its Christmas.  As I give everyone a hug my uncle gives me a big hug and he didn’t break a bone.  So far it is the best Christmas ever.

After dinner I go home, hop into my bed and wake up and open all my presents. I got every thing I wanted.  I hope from now on all my Christmases are like this merry Christmas.

By Meghan Booth

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



Best Worst Christmas Ever

Today was so embarrassing everyone thinks I’m a fool. Well let me tell you about it. My mom treats me like a little kid I hate it.   I’m in grade 3 like I’m a big girl now. But I still think she is the most embarrassing mom in the world. She always makes sure I’m wearing a toque but it messes my hair up.  Also she pinches my cheeks and then she says bye my little moo moo.

Tomorrow is Christmas eve and my aunt Jody is coming over, she gives me lots of presents for Christmas.  I mean its about having fun and sharing family memories.

Anyways, my aunt Jen is coming over at 5 pm I’m ready for her to pinch my cheeks I guess. When she pitches my cheeks it feels like a tiger bite scratching my cheek and then when she does that my cheeks smell like roses, its strangely weird.

I’m so excited for Christmas.  I want a phone but I think I got it because I went into my moms room and I saw it. It said to Hailey from mom and dad. I can’t wait to get it. But my sister Emily will try to break it because shes only 2 years old so I guess all have to hide it really good from that little sneaky cutey.

It’s 6 pm, my aunt Jen called and she said she can’t make it because of a snow storm, she said shell come after Christmas some time.

It’s a phone, yes, finally!   Crash! NO!

Emily you broke my phone, I finely got a phone and I can’t  use it now. But that’s OK I’ll go trade it in. I can’t stay mad at you. You are my sister and sisters don’t need to fight. But I cant wait until next year I guess.

By Pamela Lefeuvre

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



A Christmas Story

There once was a kitten named Max. He had lots of swag.

He loved Christmas because he got lots of food. He liked to listen to Dubstep. He mostly liked Christmas more though. It was Christmas eve but no tree. His family would have spaz attacks without a Christmas tree. So he set off on a not-so epic journey to find a Christmas tree. For without a Christmas tree there would not be a Christmas feast and no food for him.

And he was off. On his journey he encountered rabid weasels, demon rabbits, trolls, orcs, dragons, and evil snowmen. Then he finally found a toilet.

He finally found a Christmas tree. But he forgot an axe…  So he cut the tree down (I have no idea how) and took it home. Then he took ANOTHER journey to get home. This time he even saw Chuck Norris. And he encountered many other things this time. A goblin army, witches, evil spirits, giant spiders, and an ogre. And somehow he survived. He finally got the tree home. And he had an awesome Christmas. And he stuffed his face with tons of food. (kinda sounds like Garfield huh?) Then his house was invaded by some alien things! And he got out a light saber and did some kind of Jedi thing and destroyed them!

Then he had an awesome Christmas. He even got a box of cat treats for Christmas. (And that lasted about 3 minutes) He was glad this Christmas didn’t end with everyone having spaz attacks and destroying everything. And eating garbage, and turning into monsters of doom, And eating all his food.

But there was a zombie invasion. And he destroyed them all.

Then he woke up, it was all a dream.

Well I don’t have anything to write so… I guess that’s THE END

By Paul Komonoski

Barriere Elementary School



I`m too Excited to Sleep!

Has anyone seen Tanner?

I`m in bed, said Tanner.

Why? Said Hayden. We are decorating our Christmas tree!  Well it`s Christmas Eve now isn’t it?  I want to go to bed.  I want to get out presents QUICKER.

At night when everyone was asleep, I could not fall asleep.  I did not fall asleep.  I even closed my eyes, but it did not work.   But I had a plan!  It will have to work.  I have to be very quiet.  I went to the kitchen.  I grabbed some milk, but how will I warm it up?  I left it on the counter by the fireplace… it worked!

So I drank it and I went to sleep.

By Tanner Loewen




It`s 7:00 am Christmas morning.  I am waiting for my mom, dad and my sister to open one of my presents.  7:47 am on Christmas morning they finally wake up.  Now I can open my presents.

The day after Christmas I was playing with one of my presents.  It is a hockey set.  When I go outside I take my hockey set.  Me and my dad played hockey.  My sister and my mom took pictures.

Ouch, that hurt!

Are you okay?  We go inside and have hot cocoa.    Let’s go back outside again.  Later.

No.  Yes.  Do you want to be grounded?  Fine.

8:00 am my dad said let`s go outside, I hope you do not fall. We went back outside to play hockey. Nothing happened.

By Logan Anderson

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 3



How the kitten found the spirit in Christmas

There was a little cat that had a litter  of kittens.  They were black and there was one different kitty, it had one white patch on its eye.

And when it opened its big blue eyes a little snow flake touched its nose, and then it watched as it melted and drizzled down its nose, and then it made a little meow and its mom wondered why it was meowing?

And then she saw that it was sliding down a hill, then she was very scared.  Then it  was so close to going into a frozen lake,  and the mom ran as fast as it could.  Then the mom jumped and it landed on the lake and then grabbed her kitten, and they ran. The lake started  to break, and then they made it.

This little girl saw them and she was so excited that she said daddy can we have them please? And he said, no sweetheart we have plans.

Then she said daddy its Christmas they’re cold, please!

OK,  Rosy let me grab them.

Then she saw all five of those kittens and she named the 4 that looked alike  Jasmine, Black, Tinny, and Toby. And the different one with the spot she named Hope, and the moms name is Sprite. And they all lived  in  a nice warm house. And then they all lived happily ever after. 

By Raven Batke

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



A Christmas story

It’s Christmas morning and no one is up but me.  I sneak to the living room all full of joy and find my stocking all full of Christmas toys and chocolates. Not looking at the clock I wake my brothers  at 4 o’clock. The are tired until I remind them it’s Christmas day.   They jump out of bed with smiles on there faces.  We run down the hall too our parents room. Then I look at the clock and see the time is 5 o’ clock . Then I try to stop them from waking our parents but it’s too late.

My parents are up tired, but they still come to the living room to see what’s under the tree.

All the stockings are overflowing with presents. Then mom says, “Time to open the stockings!”

So we run to the couch where the stockings were placed by Santa last night.

When I see my stocking it’s full of toys, chocolate and other small trinkets for me to explore. I empty it and at the bottom I see about a cup of  chocolate was hidden for me to find. I find socks, body wash and a pair of head phones. Under the chocolate I find what I want, an iPod touch with a $50 Itunes card.  I squeal with excitement.

Then I head for the tree. I grab a box, read the lable, and it’s mine. I tear the paper off and see it’s the horse grooming kit I wanted,  then I see that’s not all. There is a bag of horse treats in the box.

All my wishes came true, that’s what I wanted and I got it.

By Samantha Jones

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



The horse who saved Christmas

Once upon a winter a white horse was giving birth. The father (appaloosa red with white dots on hind legs) was trying to neigh to the farmer.

The father horses name was Smokey. The white horses name was Snow.

Snow was lying on the ground neighing. The farmer came and helped Snow have her baby.

Snow’s baby was black and white with a few red dots.  Just like its father (but different colours).

The farmer (who happens to be named Jack) checked if the baby horse was a boy or a girl. It was a girl.

The farmer tried to think of a name. Then he got a great name.  Bella!

She fell over a few times. But she eventually got up.  Her mother, Snow, went to the field. Bella followed her into the field. She galloped around with her mother.

A few years later Bella was a two year old filly.

Jack was very sick he called off Christmas for his family. Bella was also sad so she stuck her head through an open window in Jack’s  house. She prepared tea for Jack everyday until Jack got better. So Jack called his family and told his family about how Bella saved Christmas.  His family came over after the call.

And that’s how a plain young horse saved Christmas!

By Tashina Ault

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 6



How The Kitten found The Spirit of Christmas

It was one chilly winter day, just before Christmas, the whole family was overjoyed with excitement. However, mom decided to give us a little present early as she slowly brought out a little box that was neatly wrapped. But it had holes on the top and sides.

She put it on the living room floor.  I slowly opened the box to find an abandoned blanket, but to my surprise it wasn’t abandoned.   I saw with the corner of my eye a little tiny kitten curled up under the torn up and ratted blanket.

I slowly looked up at my mom with overjoy in my eyes. “What are we going to name it?” I asked immediately.

“How about Joy?” my mom exclaims.

It’s perfect I replied.  The little white fluffy kitten cuddled in the ratted blanket.  I slowly picked her up and felt her silky fur rush through my finger tips.

It was just about 9:00 pm when we all decided to  go to bed. I brought Joy with me. Joy however waited till I was in a deep slumber when she ever so quietly crept to the end of my bed and pounced as quiet as a panther to the ground below.

Joy was softly skipping through the dark silent hallway and to her surprise a little mouse was stalking behind her.  Joy quickly does a half circle to come upon this little mouse.

“Who are you” asked Joy with a confused look on her face.

“I’m Molly,” replies the mouse in a high pitched voice.

“Well, nice to meet you,” exclaims Joy. “What’s all these pretty lights for?” Joy says with a blank look.

“Why it’s Christmas,” replies Molly in excitement.

“What?” says Joy with her head cocked sideways.

“It’s the time of giving,” squeaked Molly, and with that Molly disappeared into the darkness.

Joy new just what to do, she found the prettiest star that glimmered in the light. Joy pitter pattered back into the little girls room. The girl woke up to find the star in Joy’s mouth. Joy dropped the star and pushed it with her nose toward the girl.  Joy now realized that the spirit of Christmas is giving.

By Sammy Williams

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



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A Christmas story

One snowy Christmas on December 24,  lived a kitten named Silver. Silver was a small grey cat. He  loved snow, he loved how it felt like he was free. But he wasn’t free, he was a stray. He had no home, no family, no nothing. He did not even know what Christmas was.

So one day he went out of his box to look for a friend. When he was walking he saw all the trees and all the Santa’s and all the decorations in the windows. He also found a friend when he was walking through the city.  His name was Gold He looked just like Silver.

Silver asked him, “Do you know what is with all the decorations, trees and Santa’s?”

Gold said he knows it is called CHRiSTMAS.

“What’s Christmas?” asked Silver.

“You do not know what Christmas is? I will show you what Christmas is.”

“Okay”  said Silver.

“Come with me to my house.”

“You have a house?”

“Yes, I live with a family,” said Gold.

“Wow, I live on the street in a box” said Silver.

“Let’s go,” said Gold.  When they got to Gold’s house there were four people waiting for him at the door.  When they got in the house there was a tree with big silver and gold decorations.

“What’s this?” asked Silver.

“It is a Christmas tree,” said Gold.

That night while they were sleeping, Silver woke up to get a drink of milk. When he got to the kitchen he stopped at the living room and there was a big red thing there.

Silver asked, “What are you doing?”

“I am Santa. I am giving presents to all the children in the world.  Sorry, but I got to go.  I have kids in China waiting, but just remember Silver, Christmas is about giving not getting.”

The next morning when the kittens woke up Silver said “Guess what? I know what Christmas is!”

“Cool, now let’s play with our toy,” said Gold  

By Tyler Schilling

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



My Very Most Favourite Christmas

The sky was blue, the snow was white, and my heart was full with joy.  My mind was on toys, as I knew I had been a good boy, and a wanted this one toy.

My parents knew I wanted it, and I have been good all month,  and I helped clean all month.

My mom went to send my letter to Santa, but first I had to be good for the rest of the month, and I knew that I would have no problem as my mind was on the toy that would soon bring me joy.

I swept the floors, and I washed the dishes for this toy.  But my parents say this isn’t just a toy, I will have to take care of it and not leave it alone. But first my parents wanted me to make sure that I want it oh so very bad. So they brought me to the store where they kept them all. I was able too pick the one, so that Santa could bring me the one I would like.

As the days crept up I had more and more trouble sleeping as I always had my mind on a toy that is soon to be filled with joy.

I have finally been good for the whole month. It is the 24th of December and I hear it it’s Santa landing on my roof.  I pretend that I am asleep, and I don’t dare to open my eyes.  As the sun comes up I run downstairs, and I can hear it its the puppy I wanted for Christmas.

This has been my very most favourite Christmas in the entire world.

By Wyatt MacLaren

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



A Christmas story

This is a story of a very stuborn kitten named Jimmy.  He had shiny grey fur and white boots. Jimmy did not believe in Cat Santa and his 13 mice, unlike all the other orphan kittens. But one night, all of the other kittens wanted Jimmy to believe in Cat Santa so they all prayed to the ghosts  of Christmas to come and haunt Jimmy  all in one night.

First was the ghost of Christmas Past. He came and showed Jimmy his past. The ghost started with when he ran away from home on Christmas eve, it was a cold night with that powdery snow that is like clouds. He ran all night until he ran into the orphanage were he lives now. Then the ghost showed Jimmy his 10th birthday with his parents, and how his parents were mad at him for wrecking the cake they spent all there money on. That was the night he ran away.

Then the ghost of Christmas Present showed Jimmy how bad all the other kittens wanted him to believe in Cat Santa, and how they all prayed to get the ghosts to come and get him to believe in Cat Santa. Then he showed Jimmy his parents and how sad they are without him.  This all made Jimmy so very sad.

Them came the ghost of Christmas Future.  He came and showed Jimmy what would happen if he did not believe in Cat Santa,  and what he showed Jimmy changed him for the rest of his life.  The ghost showed him that none of the other orphans would want to be friends with him.

But it was the next thing that horrified him. The ghost showed him his grave with a 10 year time line.  The only people who went to see it was his parents, and that was only once a year. Then the ghost left.

And it all happened  in one night, so he ran home and had Christmas with his parents, and believed in Cat Santa forever. 

By Braeden Krause

Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7



How the kitten found the spirit of Christmas

One day on a snowy morning a mother cat was giving birth to a kitten. Thankfully the kitten survived.  A beautiful kitten was born. The kitten was a beautiful fluffy white kitten with a small birthmark in the shape of a snowflake.

Then in the next few weeks the kitten learned how to walk. Oh how joyful the mother was.

Then one day the kitten went outside in the snow. It saw a Christmas tree. Then hope scratched up the glimmering tree.

The kitten said, “I hate Christmas,” in a very cruel voice.

Just then a twinkle of light came out of the sky. A beautiful Christmas fairy  appeared. She was so beautiful with her long white dress swaying in the wind. She smelled a little like candy canes. In a very soft voice she spoke “Hello young one come with me.” Her voice was so soft like a fluffy cloud.

“Why? No I’m not gonna go with you,”  said the kitten with rage.

“Please young one don’t get mad you need to be a good kitten and come.”

The small kitten was trying to avoid her eyes. The kitten sighed “Fine I’ll go but were? And why?” said the kitten innocently.

“Because you are not being a good kitty and you need to find your Christmas spirit.”

“Okay, then we can go.”   And off they went. The ground looks like a small globe.

“This is fun,” said the kitten. Okay, I’m here, now what?”

The fairy stood in silence. Then the kitten saw a sign that  said “Welcome to the history of Christmas.

“Wow, am I in the past?  Cool!”

There was a poor family who were decorating the tree with popcorn. And they looked so cheerful with the stuff they had.

And the kitten said “Oh, I get it. Christmas is all about being thankful for what you have.”

The fairy nodded.

“Well then I think I found the Christmas spirit, I feel all warm inside.”

And that’s how the kitten found the spirit of Christmas.

By Zyla Neighbor


Barriere Elementary School, Grade 7