Star/Journal Christmas story contest winners chosen

Thank the parents and teachers who encouraged these youngsters in their essays

North Thompson Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest 2017

North Thompson Star/Journal Christmas Story Contest 2017

The annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Essay Contest received very few entries this year.

However, for those creative youngsters who took the time to compose their own literary work in celebration of Christmas we say “Thank You”. Your stories are wonderful and will provide our readers with much enjoyment.

We would also like to thank the parents and teachers who encouraged these youngsters in their essays.

This year our young writers were asked to tell us  in 400 words or less about one of the following themes:  One Magical Christmas, The Best Christmas Present Ever, or Discovering the True Spirit of Christmas.

We offered two age divisions: Kindergarten to Grade 3, and Grade four to Grade 7. Prizes in each division are; First place $25, second place $15, and third place $10.




Kindergarten – Grade 3



The Best Christmas Present Ever

By: Grace Farrow

Grade: 2


The best Christmas present ever was a dirt bike. The dirt bike has been passed on to the Farrows, that’s us.

We bought the dirt bike from our friend. We got most of our dirt bikes from him. He is a really nice guy. The dirt bikes are fantastic!!

I hope I can keep it until I’m too big for it. We have a yellow dirt bike, red dirt bike and blue dirt bike. I  love dirt biking because it warms you fully up from the gear.

Helmets aren’t just a box, they are protection. You have to wear the right clothing or else you will be crying “Daddy, Daddy where’s my Mommy?”

Good luck if you want one. You have to be safe or else you will cry.

Maybe you’ll get a dirt bike this Christmas. Merry Christmas.




Grade 4 – Grade 7

The Best Christmas Present Ever!

By: Bobby-Raye Farrow

Grade: 5

Teacher: Ms. Dunstan

It all started when my neighbor got me into riding.

I was 4 years old, I rode a big black horse named Jerry. When I finally started riding by myself it was hard to sit in the saddle. My legs were too short for the stirrups. When I kicked the horse he would not feel anything, because I was kicking the saddle!

So I put ‘saddle’ on my Christmas list. That’s all that was on my Christmas list. Mom said that Santa would probably not get me a saddle because it was to big to fit in his toy bag. Also that Elves did not make saddles.

But I knew that Santa would try his best to fit it in his bag. If it didn’t fit he could always put it on one of his reindeer!

When Christmas Eve finally came I was so excited.

When I went to bed I could barely sleep.  I woke up at 5:00 o’clock!

I woke everybody up and we got started with presents. It was finally my turn.  I ripped off all the wrapping paper and ripped the box open and there it was the best Christmas present ever a SADDLE!!!

I could not believe my eyes. I was so excited I was jumping around the house like crazy.

That same Christmas my G-pa gave me a saddle holder that he made himself,just for me. The saddle and saddle holder sat in my room for a very long time.

I had way more fun riding in my new saddle. My Mom has kept my saddle and I hope my kids get to ride in that saddle one day too. That was the best Christmas present ever and the best Christmas. I will always remember that Christmas.



Discovering the true spirit of Christmas

By: Taylor Harris, age 11

Mr. Allan’s class

On December 24th 2016 molly marten sat on her bed listening to the wind whisper thru the trees and watching the snow glide through the air, and just wondering if she still believed in Christmas. She didn’t know if she believed in Santa. She did believe last year, but for some crazy reason she didn’t now.

As she went to fall asleep, she couldn’t stop dreaming about Santa and everything Christmas.

Suddenly, she heard an exotic sounding popping noise.  She looked up and saw a small character wearing a red and white suit. “who are you”? I asked.

“I am mistletoe and I have a problem with you, that’s what is wrong!” said molly. “You don’t believe in the Christmas spirit any more and that is a huge problem, follow me” said mistletoe

“Fine, but don’t wake my parents they are sleeping its like, midnight.”

They landed in a small looking building but when they entered it looked like the size of Kamloops! Mistletoe took molly to a room with one table one chair and one snow globe

“Where are we?” asked molly.  “This is the magic globe” said mistletoe “Go ahead and shake it!”

Molly shook the globe and an image of Santa appeared. “Is that the real Santa?”

Mistletoe smiled and replied “yep that’s him! Now we have to get you home before Christmas morning arrives.”

The next thing Molly new she was awake and ready to get opening presents. All of a  sudden she saw the snow globe. The magic snow globe she saw with mistletoe inside.  Mom picked it up and read the tag “To Molly from  your friend Mistletoe.”  Her parents asked her who Mistletoe was.

“Oh, just someone who taught me a very importsnt lesson.” said Molly.

The End




The Best Christmas Present Ever

By:Curtis farrow


Teacher: Mrs.Matthews

Last year for Christmas I got the Best Christmas Present ever.

My little sister got it for me. At first I did not know what it was and then I read the box. It was a catapult.

I got to put it together. My mom helped me.

Then I got to launch a clay ball across the house.

It was the best Christmas present ever!! I still play with it now.