Star/Journal Christmas story winners named

The annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Essay Contest was a grand success

  • Dec. 15, 2015 1:00 p.m.

The annual Star/Journal Christmas Story Essay Contest was a grand success this year with area youngsters submitting wonderful stories full of imagination and enthusiasm.

We thank all of the children who took the time to enter and share with our readers their creative works, and we thank the teachers and parents who encouraged them to do so, transcribed to electronic copy and made sure they arrived on time.

This year our young writers were asked to tell us  about one of the following themes:  The littlest angel; We found a reindeer on our back porch; or Christmas traditions at my house.

We offered two age divisions: Kindergarten to Grade 3, and Grade four to Grade 7. Prizes in each division are; First place $25, second place $15, and third place $10.

You’ll find all of the winning essays from our young area writers below, as well as a few Honourable Mentions in the space available.  The balance of the Honourable Mentions and submitted stories will run in our issue of Dec. 24.




Kindergarten – Grade 3


Lee Saves Christmas

By Lee Fraser

Once upon a time, Santa was dropping off his presents on the night before Christmas.

When he went to drop off Grandma and Papa’s presents, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer ran away to the Fraser’s House.

The oldest boy ‘Lee’ woke up because he heard noise. He went and looked on his back porch and there he saw Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Lee asked the Reindeer why he was at his house.

Rudolph said “I got tired from pulling Santa’s sled, so I ran away.” Lee told the reindeer that was no reason to run off. He explained that Santa needs him to pull the sleigh and told Rudolph to ask Santa for some carrots, then he wouldn’t be so tired.

Lee promised to help him find Santa, but then he would have to get back in his bed.

They walked to Grandma and Papa’s first and there was Santa.

“HO HO HO, what are you doing here.”

Lee told Santa that Rudolph was at his house and so he brought him back.

Santa said, “Well you had better get home to bed, your house is my next stop.”

Rudolph told Santa that he was tired and that maybe if he got some carrots he would be able to keep going.

Santa said, “Sure, all of the reindeer should have carrots so that it is fair.”

Santa kept going, and when Lee woke up in the morning he saw a whole bunch of presents under the tree!



The Story Of The Littlest Angel

By Thomas Pullen, age 6, Grade 1

This is the story of the Littlest Angel.  Her name is Little Angel.  Her Dad is the King of the Clouds.  Her Mom is the Queen of the Clouds. Little Angel really wanted a halo, but little Angel did not get her halo yet.

She thought, “I should have a halo when I turn five.”

One day when Little Angel turned five she was surprised with a ring.  She flew out of bed and woke up her parents to see how much she had grown.

Two years later, when she turned seven her ring started fading and it disappeared.  She was sad.  Then there was hope.  Her father told her there was only one way to get her ring back.  Go to the Mountain of the Clouds and gather pieces of her ring and put them on top of the mountain.

The Mountain of Clouds was 100 meters tall and Little Angel would have to be very strong to get to the top of the Mountain of Clouds.  If she didn’t do it by sunset she would not get her ring ever again.  She flew with her wings to the 100 meter tall mountain of Clouds.  She got there right before night and put the pieces of her ring on top of the mountain.

When she was on top of the mountain the ring started to grow bigger.  Then it became smaller and bright.  She put it on top of her head.  The Littlest Angel had gotten her halo.  She flew back home and everybody lived happily ever after.




The Littlest Angel

By Tessa Salle, age 6, Grade 1

Sophia was the smallest but prettiest angel. She lived in a big tree house in a forest. One day she took a big walk and she tripped on a rock and hurt her wing. Sophia was worried that she would not make it back for Christmas and Santa would not come to her tree house.

Then a little white fluffy bunny came hopping by and said, “I can help you, what is wrong?”

Sophia said, “I hurt my wing.”

The bunny told her to hop on his back and he would take her home, and when she was going home she saw all sorts of animals in the forest. She liked the pretty lights on the animal’s homes and pens.

Then when she got home she went inside with the bunny and said thank you to him, and she saw that Santa had already come to her house and left presents for her to open.





Grade 4 to Grade 7



A Reindeer On A Porch

By Trinity Soiland

Grade 5, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Dunstan

On a Christmas night I was in bed sleeping,  I was at my grandma’s house to stay there for a year.

As I was saying, I was in bed sleeping and all of a sudden I hear click, clack, snort, click, clack, snort.

I woke up in fright. I went up stairs and looked in my grandma’s room, nothing was there but my grandma and papa. I looked in the computer room, nothing was there.

Then! I looked on the porch and saw a reindeer and the reindeer’s name was Cupid. I didn’t want to wake everyone because I knew that the reindeer would fly away.

I gave Cupid some juicy carrots. While he was eating the carrots, I got a bowl of water. It was 12:00 a.m. at night. I was very, very tired.

Then I was hearing foot steps on the roof. At first, I thought I was hearing things. But NO! It was Santa! Coming down the chimney.

Then Santa said, “Have you seen my reindeer?”

“I said, “Yes. I have Cupid right here.”

“Thank you,” Santa said. “You are officially on the good list for the rest of your life!”

The End




The Littlest Angel

By Taylor Harris

Grade 5, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Dunstan

Once upon a time above the sky lived four little angels, Peace, Love, Joy and the most important Hope.

Hope was six and she has been going out every Christmas since she was born on Christmas Eve.  Today was Hope’s birthday.  It was not just her birthday, it was the day all the angels went out to spread all their talents around the world.

Peace makes it so children do not fight.  It is the most peaceful day of the year.

Love made sure the families where all together on Christmas.

Joy made sure that the kids where happy with their presents even if it was grandma’s ugly Christmas sweater!

An for the most important job of all was Hope.  She went to visit orphans and she made sure that they did not give up.

Just as they were about to leave, Hope forgot her pouch will all her magic dust.  She ran in the cloud house and grabbed it.

She hopped on the cloud.  As they started to zoom away Hope could see all the lights on all the houses.

Peace picked the house with the most lights.  She popped in the house and saw two children fighting like World War II!  She almost started crying.  She spread her magic all over the kids.  And I mean all over!

In 10 seconds the kids said “sorry” and gave each other a hug.

Peace felt a little tingle.  Love picked the house with the  most trees.  She went in and saw the son was not there, and instantly went and got the son and brought him back. Her job was done!

Joy checked her tablet.  There was one kid that got an ugly sweater and she went and turned it into a beautiful sweater.  Well, at least in his eyes!

Hope found a way to a little orphanage with no lights or trees.  The orphan she had her eyes on was a little girl named Haillie.  She was looking out her window in her tiny room hoping to find a new mom and dad.  She would do anything to get a new mom and dad. Hope felt so sad and even though Haillie could not see Hope, Hope went to give her a big hug.  It was Christmas.  She should not be alone.  She heard Haillie talking to herself.

“Dear Santa, please I do not like it here.  I would do anything for a new family.

Hope spread some dust on her.  After Haillie went to bed, Hope left crying.

Later on when everyone was done helping they went to sleep.

The next morning Haillie woke up in a completely different house with a different family.

She asked, “Who are you?”

“We are your new parents,” they said.

She smiled and looked to her side and she saw millions of presents!  She looked up and said a little “thank you”.

Hope was happy that she did her job!  She told her sisters, “Good night to all and to all a good night!”

The End.




The Little Angel

By Bobby-Raye


Grade 4, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Oates class

Once upon a time it was Christmas. A little girl found an angel in her stocking. She slept with it for a long time. One night she could not find it. She was so sad. She snuck out of her house to go and find it.

When she snuck out she was as quiet as she could be. She walked in the dark night looking for her little angel. She was scared and lonely. She wanted to go home, but she would not until she found her little angel.

Suddenly she she saw a dog, it was skinny and looked really hungry.   So she found some food for the dog and named it Spot.

She and her dog Spot kept looking for her little angel. Then she looked up in  the sky,  and saw something sparkle. She thought it was a star but then it came and landed in her hands. It was her little angel!

She started walking home with Spot. She snuck back into the house and she got under the covers in her bed. Continued from page 19…

Spot laid in her bed as well.

In  the morning she got out of her bed and explained what happened that night and her parents let her keep Spot. She was happy to have spot and her little angel.

The  End


Honourable Mentions

Division 2: Grade 4 – 7

(In no specific order)

The Littlest Angel

By Cole Harris

Grade 4, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Dunstan

Once upon a time the angels were making sure everyone was happy.  The angel’s job was to make sure everyone was happy on Christmas Eve.  The angels looked down to Earth and saw kids writing letters to Santa.

Sarah, the littlest angel saw an evil spirit down on Earth.  Sarah tried to tell the other angels, but they said it was nonsense.  Sarah needed to help!

Sarah could not grow her wings so she could not fly down to Earth.  Just when all hope was lost she heard the reindeer taxi.

“Hop in,” said Prancer.

And that’s just what Sarah did.  The taxi started to zoom down to Earth.

When the reindeer taxi landed Sarah said, “Thank you,” and started to look for the evil spirit.  Sarah could not find the evil spirit and then she remembered the telescope that Bob the elf gave her and looked in it.

Sarah saw the evil spirit and he was about to use his happy soul trapping machine!

Sarah ran towards the evil spirit but it was too late.  The evil spirit had already used his machine!

Sarah started to chase the evil spirit, but the evil spirit ran away, and boy was he fast!  Sarah could not catch up!

Sarah heard bells, and the bells were coming from Santa.

“Hop in,” said Santa.

Sarah jumped in the sleigh, and Santa zoomed to the evil spirit.

Sarah started to talk to the evil spirit, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I do not have any friends,” said the evil spirit.

“Well, I will be your friend,” said Sarah.

“Yay!” said the evil spirit.

“What is your name?” said Sarah.

“Joe,” said the evil spirit.

So Joe released the happy souls and everybody had a merry Christmas.

The End.



We found a Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Haillie Ducharme

Grade 5, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Dunstan

One afternoon there was two young lady’s named Haillie and Hope. Hope and Haillie’s favourite holiday is Christmas – you guessed it.

So all Christmas Eve they hung Christmas decorations and played Christmas games and puzzles to. So the time was here, they made the cookies and got a glass of milk, then they went off to bed.

In the middle of the night Haillie heard a big boom! She woke up and then woke Hope up. They went to see what happened and Haillie said it came from the porch.

So they went to see and they saw a reindeer! “Oh my gosh,” said Hope, “What is it?”

“It’s a reindeer,” Haillie said with excitement! “What are we going to do with it said Hope?”

“I don’t know,” Haillie said.

“Haillie?” said Hope, “What’s in that bag?”

She grabbed the bag and opened it and what they saw was an elf! The elf was really nice and he was funny too. The elf’s name was Jingle Jangle.

So they were okay, and they flew back to the North Pole, but before they left Hope and Haillie told the elf a special message to tell Santa and told him what they wanted for Christmas to.

Then they left and hope and Haillie yelled “BYE JINGLE JANGLE”.

Hope and Haillie went back to bed. When they woke up they went downstairs and yelled “IT’S CHRISTMAS!”, and their parents went running up and everyone sat down and opened stockings and Haillie and Hope got the same thing.  They got a bunch of candy and fuzzy socks!

After it was present time they went and opened presents.

After they were done their mom saw two last presents for Haillie and Hope from Santa. So they ripped them open and they saw what they wanted the most!

Hope got a fake pet monkey and Haillie got a camera!

When they  opened them they fell off their chairs and rolled on the ground and there was a note that said it was from Santa!

It said have a merry Christmas and thank you for saving my elf and reindeer.

The End.



The Christmas Mouse

By Harmony


Grade 4, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Dunstan

Once apon a  time there lived a family! Not just an ordinary family, a mouse family.

It was Christmas Eve and the family did not have a Christmas tree! So when their kids Justin and Marry went to bed they went to get a Christmas tree.

When they got the Christmas tree they heard stomping in the house. What was it?   They did not know,  all they saw was a guy plying a joke so they got the guy out. So they could get going on the Christmas tree.

The next morning the kids ran out looking for the presents but there were none. The kids were very sad. Mom and dad were a little confused because Santa did not come. The kids were so sad they cried all day but that night Marry heard something.

She ran over to Justin and woke him up.

“Hey Marry, come see this,” so she came to see whatever   it was.

“SANTA,” she yelled.

Justin covered her mouth. Then Santa turned around.

“Kids, there you are,” said Santa.

Do you mean us,” said Marry.

Santa said “yes” and then Santa left.

The kids went back  to bed and in the morning they got there presents. and that is the story of the Christmas mouse.

The End


The Littlest Angel

By Leilani Celesta

Grade 4, Barriere Elementary, Ms. Dunstan

Once upon a time there was an angel that makes people happy.

Then one day she saw someone being rude.  The angel put her dust on him, but it just made it worse, the person got meaner, then he ran away to Christmas street.

The angel flew as fast as she could, then she got lost after she flew to the queen of angels.  Lots of angels came too.  The dust wasn’t making people happy so they stopped putting angels on earth.

The queen was wearied if there was no angels on earth no one would be happy said the littlest angel.

Gary, the angel said, “We have to do something about it.”

So the queen of angels sent the littlest angel to solve what was happening. Then she went to save Earth.

Ten minutes later she was on earth, then she saw a person was running around town and wrecking buildings with a giant hammer.

The little angel was scared but she used  her dust and the person lost his hammer.

“Hmm,” said the littlest angel,  “Maybe if I put more dust on him he will be nice again,” so she put more dust on  and then the person got nice again.

But the dust still made some people rude, and she went back to angel land ten minutes later.

When she got back to angel land  from Earth everyone was happy.

Then it starting to snow.

“What is this stuff?” said the little angel.

“It’s snow!” said Gary.

“It taste like water,” said the littlest angel, “Because it’s kind of water. Oh, okay, I get it now.”

Wait a second is it Christmas Eve soon? “Yes,” said Star, then she jumped in a pile of snow.

“Is she always like that?” said the Littlest  Angel.

“Yes, she is always like that,” said Gary, “She loves Christmas and she’s shy, that’s why she went in the snow.

Then the littlest angel said it was it 9:30 and everyone should go to bed as tomorrow is Christmas.

Eight hours later…

“Today is Christmas,  let’s  open the presents .”

“Yay, look, guess what i got? A statue of me1 What did you get?”

“I got a train set,” said Gary the angel.

“Oh, and I got a pet snail. What should I call her –  Sticky?”

This was a nice day.

The End.


Honourable Mentions Kindergarten to Grade 3

(in no specific order)

A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Grace Farrow,

Grade 1, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Peterson’s class

I found a reindeer on my back porch because that is where Santa left it.

He wanted us to keep it, because he is the nicest man is the whole world.

The reindeers name is Grace, she is a very special friend of Santas.

Grace eats sparkles. She will live in my room. She will have half my room and I will have the other half.

I need to keep her a secret because my Mama doesn’t like animals in the house…especially reindeer.



Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Macklin Pullen, age 5, Kindergarten

One day there was a reindeer on our back porch looking for carrots and smelling for carrots.  He smelled some carrots in the fridge.  He opened the door, and walked as quietly as he could and got all the carrots.  He went outside and ate all the carrots.

A kid wanted carrots, so he opened the fridge and then looked in the  bottom drawer and said “where are the carrots? Hmm?  I guess I’ll just have a cucumber.”

The kid was twelve and he took a knife and cut up the cucumber and that was his breakfast along with a piece of toast.

The kid was done his breakfast and he looked out the window and saw the reindeer.  He was really surprised and he always wanted to ride a reindeer.  He pulled out his saddle, put it on the reindeer and rode the reindeer.  It was really fun riding the reindeer for the first time.  He had always wanted a toy with a guy riding a reindeer, but instead he got to ride a real reindeer.  He rode the reindeer to the store and bought more carrots.

He had a plan.  He got the carrots out of the fridge and shared them with the reindeer.

The end.



The Barriere Take Down

By Dylan, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Officer Jeremy and Dylan were happily sitting in their police station when the phone rings.  Ring, Ring, Ring!

Curtis, who lives near AG Foods, calls the Police because he saw a robber going into the store.

Officers Jeremy, Dylan, Jaden and Corey bring in the reindeer police dogs.  They quickly sniff out the  bad guy in the store.

The bad guy runs and slips on a black, yucky banana peel and breaks his back. Then Curtis comes in and they all capture the Barriere Bandit together.

The town was safe again and had a merry Christmas.



Three Little Reindeer

By Devyn, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class


It was the night before Christmas and all through the house the family could hear something making noises on their back porch.

Three little reindeer were on the back porch!  Rudolf had a drippy nose and cupid went to lala land because he was day dreaming of eating watermelon while in a hot tub.  Cupid was singing “Jingle Bells.”  Blitzen was telling Cupid to start pulling the sleigh.  Cupid was in the front of the sleigh that had crashed on this porch.

They were all on the back porch because the sleigh stopped and fell out of the air.  Cupid had caused the crash.  Santa was going to be late for Christmas this year.   Santa came the next night once everything was fixed.

The family was sad that Santa didn’t come on time but he still pushed himself to make up for it on Boxing Day. From that day on he never missed Christmas again.



The Reindeer Brothers

By Jeremy, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

One day the Salle family was having a party at their house.  Bob, a kid, was their too.  He decided to look on the back porch.  He couldn’t believe his eyes!  He saw three reindeer!

He ran inside and told his mom.  She called in officer Jeremy to help.  He came immediately.  He was shocked.  He fell over and slid down the steep, icy hill.

The reindeer picked officer Jeremy and Bob up on his antlers.  More cops  came in a car. They tried to trap them but they got around them. They chased the reindeer into town and  everyone was screaming.

Officer Jeremy was still on the reindeer’s antlers.  Officer Jeremy jumped down and helped the reindeer back and helped Bob down too.  He led them back to Santa.

Everyone was okay and lived happily ever after.


The Healing Sam

By Ryder, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Officer Jeremy heard foot steps out side. He goes outside and sees  Reindeer on his back porch!  Officer Jeremy freaks out!

A huge snow ball comes out of the middle of nowhere!   Officer Jeremy has a heart attack!

Rudolf takes officer Jeremy to the hospital but on his way he hits a sign! All of the magic falls out of Rudolf’s nose!  But then the world healing Husky dog comes to the rescue!  He heals Rudlof’s nose with a slobbery lick.

Rudolf asks “what’s your name?”

“My name is Sam.  What’s your name?”


Sam healed Jeremy. They lived happily ever after.



The Littlest Angel

By Haylee, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

There are seven people in this story: mom, dad, older sister named Elissa, Allabell, the pet dog named Max, an angel named Hana, and a police officer named John.

One morning Allabell woke up, took a shower, got dressed and she looked out her window.  She was expecting the mail man but instead she seen something really small.   When she went down stairs she opened the door.  It was the smallest angel ever!

Allabell asked what her name was.

It was Hana. She said she was flying with her mom and dad and got separated from them.

Hana asked to come in.  Allabell said sure.   So Allabell led Hana to the couch.  Allabell asked if Hana wanted tea. Hana wanted tea. Allabell made some green tea for Hana. Hana told Allabell her story about getting separated.  They enjoyed their evening.



The Three Reindeer Brothers

By Jaden, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

There was a little boy named Jaden and on Christmas he wanted to see at least one reindeer.  He woke up on Christmas morning. He unwrapped presents and then he went outside.  There on his back porch, he saw three reindeer sitting down.

He was shocked and called 911! Then Officer Jeremy came to the house.  Officer Jeremy was shocked when he saw the big, scary reindeer too!

He fell down the stairs and fainted.  Jaden called the hospital quickly. Officer Jeremy was in the hospital for three weeks when he came back he scared the reindeer off the back porch.

They all had a snow ball fight in the backyard.  Jaden won and got a snow trophy!  Then they all went inside and had hot cocoa.

After that, they went back outside to build a snowman and kicked it over.  They were getting along well!

In the spring the reindeer flew back to Santa.  They had fun at Jaden’s house.

Jaden was really happy that he got to play with the three reindeer!



Christmas Traditions at my House

By Isabella, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Hi, I am Isabella.  I am eight years old.  You may think these traditions are maybe odd or out of the ordinary.  But some of it really tastes good.  I didn’t like the food at first but it grew on me and now I love it!

Now lets get to the traditions… first for the people.  My cousins come, and obviously my parents are going to be there.  So about half the family is there.

Okay, now for the food.  For dinner we have rats and mice and for dessert we have termite ice cream.

Then after dinner the kids would go play with Christmas presents and the adults would play an adult trivia game like Trivial Pursuit.  Or sometimes we would play a game all together as a family.

Even though I really don’t like the awful burnt food, I still think that CHRISTMAS IS ALWAYS FUN!!!



There were Three Reindeer on my Back Porch

By Haley, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

One day a boy named Dylan and his dad, who was a police officer, arrived home at night from a long evening out watching baseball at a friend’s house.  When the boy‘s dad came home he saw three reindeer on his back porch eating old apples!  The boy came outside to see his dad and he also saw the magical reindeer that he thought were just deer.

They were there because Santa’s sleigh broke down.  Santa ran out of dust.

Santa and the other reindeer were in the forest.

The boy went back inside because he was scared that the reindeer would hurt him.  They were really big!

When the boy came out to see his dad again, he spooked the reindeer and then one of the reindeer hurt the boy.  So the reindeer took the boy to the hospital. Then the boy saw the other reindeer up in the sky with Santa when they were on the way to the hospital.  The boy thought the reindeer were not special at all, but they really were!



There’s A Reindeer On My Front Porch

By Kaelan Nelson

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

Yesterday I was going to play outside. When I got out I saw a reindeer on my front porch laying down sleeping. When I saw the reindeer laying on the front porch I ran inside and told my mom. Then she came running outside and when she saw the reindeer she ran inside and told my dad. Then he came running outside and when he saw the reindeer he took the reindeer and put him or her in the trunk of the car. He drove to the airport on the day before Christmas. They got on the plane and went to the North Pole to drop off the reindeer and see me and Santa saved Christmas.



The Littlest Angel

By Savanna Watson

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

The littlest angel was pretty and sweet. She was known as the Princess Angel. Life was almost perfect except for one thing. She was small and she didn’t know how to get big. She tried yoga. She tried swimming. Finally she tried stretching her shadow and she was big!!!!


I Found A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Richard Blanke

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I was just going outside to feed my chickens named Rosy, Betty, Loosy and Horny when I heard a woosh. I stayed very still until I noticed it was just my mom chasing the chickens into the pen. Then I also saw a reindeer. It wasn’t Rudolph, it was Prancer. I didn’t know what to do. I just ran away.


Christmas Traditions At My House

By Anna Stefan

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

Inside I like to decorate the Christmas tree. I like making gingerbread houses and cookies. Outside I like building snowmen, making snow angels and sledding.


The Littlest Angel

By Dayna Underhill

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

There was a gentle little angel. Her name was Sky. She was new to town. It was only five more days ‘til school started. She was terrified! Her mother came into her room. Sky crunching into a ball and was rolling on the floor with a scared look on her face. Her mother said, “What in the world are you doing?!” Then Sky started crying and said, “Nobody is going to like me. I am the smallest angel!” Her mother said, “Sit on your bed. It’s okay.” “No it’s not!” Sky said. Then Sky had supper and went to bed. Her mom gave her a hug and a kiss and left. Sky thought about school more and more. But the more she thought about it, the happier she felt. She fell asleep. When Sky woke up she got dressed, ate breakfast and went to school. She had a great day at school! Sky even skipped all the way home. Her mother said, “How was your day at school?” “Awesome!!!” “That’s great, “ said her mother. “I can’t wait for tomorrow!” Sky said.


The Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Taalishia Dobson

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

If I saw a reindeer on my porch I would get a saddle and ride it to the North Pole. I would see Santa, the elves and the reindeer. I would ask Santa if I could stay for the night. He would say, Yes.” So I would ask if I could ride a reindeer home so I could get my stuff and ask my parents if I could stay for the night. They would say, “Yes”. Then I would pack my bag and go back and have good time. When it was time to go I would say, “Good-bye.”


Christmas Traditions At My House

By Jaskeerat Virdi

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I drink coffee. I play with my gift. We have a party in the Bar. My gift is under the Bar’s Christmas tree. I play pool in the Bar. I have a drink that is for kids. It is the best drink ever. I like to play in the snow at Christmas. I like to play my guitar at Christmas. Santa comes in the chimney. I saw Santa outside the door. I got my gift from Santa.


I Saw A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Lucas Jorgenson

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

Santa fell from the sky and the reindeer got loose. A reindeer landed on the porch by accident. We went out to get fresh air. I was surprised! Then the reindeer was panicked. I said, “It’s okay reindeer. I will help you right away.” Then I decided to take my car and the reindeer got on the roof. The reindeer and I went to find Santa. The reindeer was trying to talk to me. Then we found Santa. He was surprised. “Ho Ho Ho, Lucas you saved Christmas.”


There’s A Reindeer

By Trent Meredith

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

When I walked out of my door I saw more reindeer with Santa’s sled. I tried to name all of them but I could not. And then I looked in Santa’s sleigh and I saw all of Santa’s toys that the elves made for all the kids that are good enough to get presents from Santa. I also saw the bad and the good list beside the presents at the back. But the reindeer flew away with Santa’s sled and toys. Oh well I had a good time seeing reindeer.


The Littlest Angel

By Tyla Mackin

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

One day we saw an angel floating down from the sky. She sparkled and shimmered. I was so surprised to see her again because I saw her before but, she flew away. Well I really wanted to see her again. Her name is Angela. She is the gentlest angel because she never hurt me in her life. She is in my room right now. She is the best angel ever because she helped my dog when it got a thorn stuck in its paw. I know we’re going to be friends.


There’s A Reindeer On My Front Porch

By Linden Ransome

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

This is my story. I woke up late. I heard a sound. I looked out my window and saw a reindeer. It was jumping. It must be Santa’s reindeer. There’s a reindeer on my front porch. I saw it. I went outside. I helped it. It had sparkles. I was amazed until I saw magic dust. I grabbed it and quickly put it on the reindeer. Before I knew it the reindeer was flying. I waved goodbye and and thought there was a reindeer on my front porch.


Kindergarten to Grade 3 Entries:

I Found a Reindeer

By Chase, Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

There was a boy named Bob.  It was a cold  winter day. Bob found a reindeer!  Bob did not know what to do.  So Bob called the cops.  But the cops were scared of the reindeer, so the cops jumped in the snow away from the reindeer.  Then the cops saw a sqirt gun. The cops show the squrit gun to the reindeer.  The cop sqirts the reindeer…

sqquuuiiiirrrrrtttttt!  The reindeer thought it was fun!  They continued to do this back and forth every year!


Three of Santa’s Reindeer

By Aiden

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Once upon a time there was a boy named Marshmellow.  Marshmellow comes out the door and screams because he is surprised to see reindeer there. He calls 911 and a few minutes later officer Jeremy comes up the stairs. All of a sudden, Officer Jeremy faints and falls down the snowy, wooden stairs. The reindeer brings him to the hospital by carrying him on his back. One year later Officer Jeremy heals and he never sees the reindeer that made him fall down the stairs ever again.


Two Helpful Reindeer

By Chays

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

In a small Canadian town some people found a reindeer on there back porch.  Then the mom and dad get freaked and dad goes inside and calls officer Jeremy.  Jeremy is surprised when he gets there.  He sees the reindeer and he falls down the stairs.  The reindeer takes officer Jeremy to the hospital.


Reindeer in my Backyard

By Maahi

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Santa is delivering Rudolf to a boy his name is Maahi because he was a good boy. When Maahi woke up he saw Rudolf in his backyard.  He screamed and he fell off of his back porch!  Maahi crawled up the stairs and called 911.  Then officer Jeremy came and he screamed and fell down the porch stairs too!  Then Rudolf took both of them to the hospital.   Then Santa came to the hospital to pick up Rudolf.  Santa said he needs Rudolf back at home now.  Maahi said ok.  Then they lived happily ever after.


Best Friends

By Corey

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Officer Corey comes through the doors and finds reindeer in his office. The reindeer scare Officer Corey. He yells “Boo!!!!” The reindeer don’t like people. Then Officer Corey and the reindeer are friends for ever but the reindeer has no house, so the reindeer decides to go up north to be with Santa.

On Christmas night the reindeer went to Officer Corey’s house first. Then on another day, Officer Corey went to visit the reindeer.  One day the reindeer came and stayed the night.



By Isaac

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

A boy named Isaac was sleeping in bed until he heard a whoosh! He woke up, went to the back porch and he was surprised to see, reindeer! Then he went inside to get the phone and his pillow pusher.

Then he called Officer Chase. Two minutes later he came.

Isaac said to the police, “There are reindeer on my back porch!”  The police says back, “That’s nonsense kid.”

Then the police looked at the back porch. “Wow”, said the police, “you’re right!”

Then…  Officer Chase faints.  Then Isaac grabs his pillow pusher.  While he was pushing him down the stairs Isaac says to himself, “I knew this would happen.”  Then the reindeer called the reinbelance (aka ambulance) and the reindeer grabbed a gun from the reinbelance.  Isaac grabbed a gun too.  Then they shot their guns at the same time. They thought they killed each other but their guns actually disintegrated. They’re both like, huh?  Then the police woke up and he didn’t know what had happened.


Three Big Reindeer

By Chloe

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

T’was the night before Christmas and Santa came to the house on the end of North Road.  Three reindeer fell out of the sky because their magic stopped working!  The reindeer looked in the door and saw a beautiful cedar tree.  There were presents everywhere!  There was a little present by the fireplace.  It caught on fire!  The reindeer called to the others.  Santa turned around.  All the other presents caught on fire too!  Santa came to the rescue.  Santa came and he looked at the house it was on fire like crazy.  He landed the slay!  He ran into the house.  He tackled the fire and he put out the fire.  He rapt the new presents and he cut down a tree.  He decorated the house and made it pretty!  Santa was having so much fun he didn’t no that it was morning.  He was lucky because that it was the last house in the world.  The family woke up and they said it is CHRISTMAS! They ran down the stairs and the kids yelled Santa Santa Santa! Santa said ho ho ho!


Helpful  Reindeer

By  Curtis

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

Once on Christmas morning I went on my back porch and…I saw three reindeer.  I screamed and ran inside.  I called the town police officer, Jeremy.  He zoomed to my house.  He walked up my back porch stairs.  He opened the door.  He screamed too! Plice Officer Jeremy fell down the stairs!  He knocked himself out!  Curtis walked down the stairs to see if he was okay.  The reindeer came down the stairs.

Curtis picked Jeremy up and put him onto the reindeer.  The reindeer took police officer Jeremy to the hospital.  He lived happily ever after!


I Found Reindeer on my Back Porch!

By Jade

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

A little  boy  was sleeping  and when he woke up he went to the back porch of his house.  There he saw the reindeer! He was shocked!  And so he called the police. The little boy was so scared he was hiding from them under his bed. He said to his mom and dad I sow three reindeer out there!  No you are probably just seeing stuff.  See, there is nothing out there!  I don’t see anything. See? Come out here.  But mom, I actually seen three reindeer out there! Mom said, well lets go open our presents. The next day the little boy forgot all about it and he sill had really fun!  His name was Jordan.


The Boy Who Liked Reindeer

By Morgan

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Mrs. Matthews class

The night of Christmas, at midnight, Santa’s reindeer lost their magic and landed on someones porch in the countryside.  Santa dashed to the a town payphone to call the North Pole.  There were three reindeer left on the back porch. One was named Olaf, one named Rudolf, and the other one named Carrots. All of a sudden there were POLICE there at the house!  Somebody called 911! His name was Officer Jeremy. He walked up the stairs with a taser and just before he was going  to press the button a boy said

STOP!!  Officer Jeremy was surprised and fell down the stairs!

The boy’s name was Marshmellow.  Marshmellow  didn’t want Santa’s reindeer to get hurt . There is Santa flying over head with some magic and elves! The elves poured the magic into the sleigh,

and off the reindeer and Santa went to deliver more presents for Christmas!


The Littlest Angel

By Clara Tremblay

Grade 2,  Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

There was a little angel and all the other angels made fun of her so she decided to leave home. On the way she met a ladybug. The little angel told the ladybug what the other angels said to her so the ladybug went with her on their way to the North Pole. She saw Santa Claus and his reindeer.



The Littlest Angel

By Kaelan Nelson

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

Once there was a little angel, named the Littlest Angel. Do you know why it’s so small? It is because it was a baby and got shrunk by a shrink ray. Then it got hurt. After it got hurt I went downstairs to get a glass of water. When I went to the kitchen for the glass of water I saw a little angel but, I did not run away. I was brave so I went forward to the angel and I asked it where it lived. After it told me I dropped it off where it lived and came back home and went back to bed.



I Saw A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Savanna Watson

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

When I went to play I saw a…. Is it?… Can it be?… It is…. A reindeer on my back porch! It was frightened and flew away and went around the world and came back! I hopped on the it started to wiggle and jiggle. I rode home.


There’s A Reindeer On My Front Porch

By Tristan Guay

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

Okay, yesterday I was outside and that’s when it hit me, a reindeer! Bolter hit me and now there’s no Christmas. But I jumped on and rode him to the North Pole and saved Christmas.


I Saw A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Ethan Curll

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I went skiing. I went down to put my skis away, then I saw it. It was a wonderful sight. A reindeer, to be most specific it was Santa’s reindeer. I ran inside to tell my mom. The reindeer flew away.


I Found A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Taner Brown

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I was having breakfast one day when I heard some thumping. I went on to my porch. I saw a reindeer. I passed out. When I woke up, I finished my breakfast.


I Found A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Heather Yuill

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

The reindeer was hurt so I helped her inside. She got up, ate some food, took a drink and went to bed. In the morning she the reindeer woke up, she was ready to go.


The Littlest Angel

By Destiny Paul

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

Once upon a time there was a little angel. Her name was Mary. She lived in a castle far, far away. There was also an evil angel who had a pet sausage. I know, I know, it’s weird. Mhmm so the evil angel always, always fed his pet TACOS, PEACHES and HOT DOTS. Then right when the evil angel fed his pet, Mary’s palace started RAINING GUMBALLS WOW! I know what you’re thinking MMMMM. But the poor little angel couldn’t eat the gumballs cause they would just fall right out of her hand. Then Mary ran straight through the woods and she cried and cried the whole way there. When she got to her palace she ran straight to her bed and slammed the door in her mom’s face. Then she said, “Leave me alone!”


The Littlest Angel

By Abby French

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

The angel fell and hit her head. That is that. Wait is is not over yet. And that is how she shrunk. But she still had magic. One day she found a dead dog and healed it.


I Found A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Karissa William

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I found a reindeer on my porch. It flew away and has never been found again. I found it. No one found it but me. But my brother yelled and it flew away again and I got mad. If my brother does that again. The reindeer dropped magic dust on me. It made me fly. I flew to the North Pole.


I Saw A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Jairrel Ortega-Rhodes

Grade 3, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

An evil reindeer is on a rampage. It had a pet crocodile named The Crook. Her dad has a pet pig named   Pork Chop and an Enemy named Dark Vader with a pet wiener dog named Sassy. They were all in the same city and they will have a fight every day. The day after that they made a truce and after that they made an army to protect Earth.


I Saw A Reindeer On My Back Porch

By Cayden Johnson

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I went to start the car and I saw a reindeer out on the back porch. It was hurt and it was drinking the dog’s water. The dog was thirsty. I gave the reindeer my sandwich. My mom came out with the first aide kit. I was going to be late for school so we took it to the vet. The reindeer had to stay a couple of nights.


The Littlest Angel

By Madison Wittner

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

I found the angel outside. I asked her  if she wanted to come inside. She said yes and came inside. We had some cookies and a glass of milk. We got our snow gear and we played outside and when we came inside we had some hot chocolate. After our hot chocolate we played a board game. After the board game we built a snowman.


The Littlest Angel

By Reine McGravey

Grade 2, Barriere Elementary, Ms. McGravey’s class

We saw an angel at my house. I fed it because it was hungry. It came around at night and then she had a problem. It was a fire at her house. She didn’t have any water or a fire hydrant. He neighbour came out the door. She had water. She poured it on the fire. We built the angel a house in the forest.