Stress management program is now available in Barriere

The real culprit in the case of epidemic health issues we face today is... stress

By Jennifer Oja

Oasis Wellness Consulting Services

It wasn’t the butler!

The real culprit in the case of epidemic health issues we face today is… stress.

Everyone has stress.  It is a normal human condition, and can be positive in many ways.  However, when stress gets the better of us, it leads to all kinds of trouble, including physical and mental health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, anxiety and depression disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse.

The toll stress takes on our bodies, our minds, our families, our jobs and our general happiness is a big one.  The American Psychological Association has said that 95 per cent of health problems are either caused by, or made worse by stress.

So what is stress?  Why and how do we get it?  How do we prevent it or cope with it?  How can we replace stressful habits with healthy habits?  How can we find peace and calm?

The answers to these questions could mean the difference between a future of increased “dis-ease” and premature aging, and a positive future that is more productive and relaxed.

It is important to get a handle on stress before it overtakes us at a time of crisis.  Managing daily stress is key to a stable, positive frame of mind.

If you are interested in learning more about how stress affects you personally, and in gaining some skills to reduce your stress level, think about signing up for the “Relax!” Stress Management Program in Barriere offered by Oasis Wellness.

The program is eight, weekly one-hour sessions beginning Wednesday, April 10, and ending May 29, at the Barriere Ridge multi-purpose room.


Pre-registration is required and the course fee is $40 per person.  You can register at the North Thompson Volunteer and Information Centre office at the Ridge, or call 250-672-0033 for more information; or call Jennifer at 250-672-5734.