Take a virtual tour of the B.C. Children’s Hospital

The more prepared families are and the less anxiety they have

Kamloops This Week

B.C. Children’s Hospital in Vancouver has launched a new virtual tour for families of children undergoing surgery at the hospital.

The tour gives parents and children an up-close look at exactly what happens before and after surgery. Included in the tour are peeks inside the surgical day-care unit and operating and recovery rooms.

The tour was developed in consultation with families and answers the top 10 questions parents have about their child’s surgery.

“We hope by viewing the online tour, families will be more prepared for surgery and there will be fewer surprises along the way,” said Leslie Clough, senior leader of patient and family education and health literacy at the hospital.

“The more prepared families are and the less anxiety they have, the more likely they are to have a better experience.

The tour includes practical tips, such as bringing your child’s favourite DVDs (the recovery room has DVD players), books, toys, or blanket.

“Bring items that are small and transportable to help distract and calm your child. But, the most important thing is for a parent to be calm, as this helps reassure their child that everything is okay,” Clough said.

To access the tour, go online to: http://www.cw.bc.ca/OnlineCourses/BCCHSurgeryTour/