Take the challenge – find out what attending church can do for you

Take the challenge – find out what attending church can do for you

I have a challenge for you! Did you go to church and found it boring or unfulfilling and left?

Have you ever wanted to go to church but were worried it would be boring? Annoying? Too traditional? Not traditional enough?

The truth is church is full of people who have the same issues in life as everyone else. They are not perfect, in fact many are struggling in ways you cannot imagine and they come to church because they want better; not because they are better.

If you think church is missing something your right.  What it is missing is you!

The changes, the things that need to be better, will never happen unless people with good ideas who are willing to be the change show up and become a positive part of church.

I want to put a challenge out there whether you used to go to church or never have.  Try going to church for four weeks.  If the first one is a definite no fit try another one, but go for four weeks to a church you think you can be a part of!

Don’t go in trying to change it,  but be willing to share your feelings with the Pastor or leaders in a positive way.

If after four weeks you don’t think it is for you all you have done is spent some time with people trying to figure it out too!  Perhaps you will have met some new people, maybe made some friends, and given yourself a chance to explore what place faith has in your life.

* Pastor Todd English preaches at The Open Door Fellowship, Sundays at 2 p.m., at 4818 Amnesty Road, Barriere (across from the high school).