The “easy to assemble” fable

Seniors column

  • Feb. 28, 2011 7:00 p.m.

I guess most people have pet peeves, things that annoy you and make you want to pick them up and huck them to Hades; but my favourtie peeves are touted on their container to be “easy to assemble”.  I ran across one last week that I wasn’t even putting together, a combined houseplant, curio or whatever.  

It came in a large heavy box which contained a lot of glass and some sundry small stuff, and my son and his wife got the joyful job of putting it together.  

One look at the pieces spread out on the floor started some really colourful language, and that’s when I made myself scarce;  but not before I’d glanced at the instruction sheets, they were enough to bring out the primal beast in anybody.  

I wonder if there is an anti-cussing rule in this place?  I guess not, because I could hear it clear down to the dining room where I had an early coffee break and a late lunch.  

A few hours later I returned to my room to find the “thing” assembled and looking good, the two weary builders resting peacefully.  So next time you pick up an item bearing the “easy to assemble” logo, be warned and walk right on by, especially if you’re expecting company any time soon.

No Senior’s Hall stuff until next week.