Tipsy gnome in the garden

Seniors at Large

Beautiful Spring-like weather this a.m.  I’m just waiting for the soil to thaw out in my garden.  Most of the ground is jammed with rocks to keep the weeds down, so in desperation I purchased a horse water trough and filled it with good garden soil from my home garden; and voila – a place to grow everything.

I have two trusty garden gnomes; the one with the spade is called Spado and the other, who has a drinking problem, is called Tipsy.

In my place I have house plants in the windows, and I grow everything from steptocarpus,  to cactus, to orchids who are just coming back from a few months resting.

The plants gobble up a lot of water, so they keep me busy and that’s a good thing.  I have an aging body which doesn’t think as fast as it should. Consequently, the motor in my head is not hitting on all its cylinders and doesn’t think as well as it should.

So beware, you’re going to get old too one of these days – it just sort of sneaks up on you.

No news from the Barriere Seniors Hall because most of them have bussed across the border, coming back home today, hopefully with their pockets full of U.S. currency.