Tremendous views from site of old Louis Creek cemetery

What's New In McLure and Louis Creek with Lorna Bergey

Due to the extra ordinary amount of rain this year we are still in the Goldilocks summer phase. That is a wonderful thing unless you’re a writer who tries to foretell the changes to our scenery. In other words, no golden days yet.

However, I did manage to find some golden hills along with one of the best views in Louis Creek.

My editor informed me that adding pictures to my column would make it more interesting and attractive. So being that I’ve always wanted to be a wildlife photographer the first thing that popped into my head was our local mascots – the eagles.

Rarely do you make the drive between Barriere, Louis Creek and McLure without seeing one – right? And it should be easy to get some great photographs.  But as you can see by the lack of eagle pictures – not so easy!

Eagles are quite hard to photograph unless you’re set up much better than I am. So no eagles yet.

However I was told about a nest behind the Louis Creek Eco-depot so off I went to investigate.

During my research I found out about an old reservoir and a memorial or cemetery that was also suppose to be around there somewhere.

The eagles must have gone camping because there was no sign of them, but I did find the old reservoir,  as well as a small cemetery.

The small cemetery is protected by a chain link fence, and has a bench and a small cross.

No signs or plaques.

To the west I could see the highway and the North Thompson River, to the south there are some houses and hills, and to the east was the Louis Creek Valley.

But to the north, wow!  What a view!

My first thought was somebody needs to build a house here, but then wait – hang on; a cross, bench, a small fenced cemetery area overlooking that incredible view.

With that view it’s easy to understand how people might want to rest here for the long sleep.

I was hooked.

When I got home I dived into researching the area and did find out that some of our pioneers buried in that area.

As for current news, according to Facebook there was a cougar sighting in Louis Creek on Aug. 7, and a bear on Aug. 15, plus a puff of smoke sighting July 30 in McLure, (scary stuff.)

There is also a community meeting the first Wednesday of September at 7:30 p.m. in the McLure Fire Hall.

We’re going to stick with the theory that the golden days are coming in September, and of course I will keep trying for those eagle pictures.

So until September, that’s all from Louis Creek, McLure and Vinsulla.

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