TV news is tough to watch

Seniors at Large

Every time we turn on the TV to a newscast, we’re inundated with horrible scenes of fires and floods world wide, thousands of people filling the streets trying to remove politicians that they can’t tolerate anymore, and scenes of unbelievable cruelty and murder.  It leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth; the carnage never seems to end.

On a lighter note – there’s a delightful aroma of fresh baked cookies wafting up and down the hall of our cell block today.  Everyone knows what that means, it’s baking day in Donna’s cell, and five of we in-mates have been putting samples of dishpan cookies and Rice Krispie squares in our unworthy mouths; and I’m here to tell you they were good.

I seem to have lost the Monday night Whist results, but I do remember that they are coming to a close until October.