Why I love to shop locally

Seniors at Large

I love shopping!  If I ever get to drive my scooter around without danger to life and limb, I’ll be able to access all the important stores – the drug store, grocery store, post office and bank, etc.  Although I love going to Kamloops I appreciate the fact that I can buy my drug store prescription (in my case there’s a lot of them) and all sundry items close at hand;  and from nice friendly sales people, and have my drug needs taken care of.  I can go right next door to where I live to see a doctor and get a friendly reception from the staff.  And there are usually nice people on the check-out counters in AG Foods.

It sure hurt when that store stopped bringing in a good supply of house plants.  Being a house plant junkie I was a good customer and I sure miss them.

I’m sitting in my room waiting for Jerry to bring my Duff dog over to spend the afternoon with me.  She likes coming here, but that’s mostly because she knows where I keep my dog treats.

Nothing much going on at the Senior’s Hall during the summer months, but most venues will be up and running again in September.