World Day of Prayer coming

World Day of Prayer will be held at St. George’s Catholic Church, at 5024 Barriere Town Road

World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year, and who, in many countries, have a continuing relationship in prayer and service.

More than 170 countries and regions participate each year, bringing together women of various races, cultures and traditions in closer fellowship, understanding and action throughout the year.

Every year, women from the ‘host’ country get together to plan the theme and the readings for the service, and every year a different country is chosen as the host.

Last year it was France, and the year before was Malaysia. This year the country that prepared the service is Egypt, and their theme is “Streams in the Desert”.

Wikipedia has a list of the countries and themes since 1932, as well as lots of other information and links for those who are interested in knowing a little more about this annual event.

In Barriere, the different churches in the community take turns hosting the localWorld Day of Prayer service.

This year it will be held at St. George’s Catholic Church, at 5024 Barriere Town Road. The service will be at 11 a.m., on March 7, and everyone in the community is welcome to attend.

Although it is women from around the world who plan the service, the service is for everyone, not just the women.

There will be refreshments (some based on Egyptian recipes) following the service at St. George’s Catholic Church.

For more information, or to volunteer to help with one of the readings, please call Margaret at 250-672-9330 (evenings).