Yelowhead 4H enjoy Junior Camp

Yellowhead 4-H Club reports by Lauren Tremblay - junior camp

Junior Camp 2013 was held the week of July 15 to 19, at Ruckle Point on the Shuswap Lake. This year’s theme was “Survivor.”

Some of the activities that the campers took part in were ice breaker games.  At the start of the camp we played these games to get to know each other.

Swimming with a certified lifeguard, there were activities by the water such as building rafts, and shaving cream fights.

A one-and-a-half hour hike took us up above the lake; the view was outstanding!

There were crafts such as braiding with string, and colouring.

When the sun was setting we sat around a campfire with hot chocolate and cookies and had sing-a-long each night.

We also did tie dying, we brought shirts, or any kind of white clothing, and the colours to choose from were pink, purple, blue, green, and red.

The camp counsellors were senior 4-H members, and were between the ages of fifteen and nineteen-years-old. Between two and three counsellors were in a cabin with about three or four campers.

The counsellors loved playing pranks on us; they drew on our faces with markers one night. We had a whole day of pranks, it was tons of fun!

The food was great! There were meals such as burgers, spaghetti, and soup.

While eating, if you had your elbows on the table, we would sing a song. While the campers were singing the song, the one camper who had their elbow on the table, would have to run to cabin four before the song was finished.

On the last night of camp there was a dance. The counsellors and the campers tried to dance until dawn!

Most of the campers went off to bed either in their cabin outside near the dance floor. Yellowhead was the only club with a lot of people still up!


To conclude, Junior Camp 2013 was packed full of fun, and was a great way to meet new people!