Dennis Purcha is the vice-president and sales manager of Emerald City Fireworks Ltd. (Jill Hayward photo)

Dennis Purcha is the vice-president and sales manager of Emerald City Fireworks Ltd. (Jill Hayward photo)

Emerald City Fireworks opens in the North Thompson Valley

New outlet just off Highway 5 in Barriere will be open from now until Halloween

Emerald City Fireworks vice-president and sales manager Dennis Purcha says he is in full swing right now supplying events, businesses and the public with everything they need to have a fantastic fireworks show as part of their Halloween activities.

“Right now I get very little sleep and a lot of craziness,” said Purcha, also noting they are also filling orders for New Years and numerous other events in the region.

Purcha says his fireworks “last for two to three years if stored in the right conditions, so purchasing them ahead of time guarantees the customer will have what they want on the date that they want to use it.

“Emerald City Fireworks has been supplying Kamloops and the surrounding region for 10 years now, and have developed a thriving and vibrant business.”

He says that’s the reason he’s now bringing the fireworks to Barriere from now until the end of the month, where he will be based just off Highway 5 (Yellowhead Highway), across from the Petro Station, and in the shop next to REMAX Results Realty and where Murray’s Ice Cream is situated.

Purcha says his business is not just about selling the fireworks product.

“Our big thing is we do shows at events where we build the show and light them off for many of our customers. We are professional pyrotechnics and this is what we do. We do Canada Days, New Years, weddings, indoor fireworks, we do all sorts of stuff. We even dabble in special effects for movies and such. We can do waterfalls and stuff like that, anything to do with fireworks we’re in. We also do a lot of events like gender reveals where we go out and set of a show of blue fireworks or pink fireworks, and we can provide fireworks to music as well.”

The company can also provide smoke for photography shoots or special events, and the rep says they guarantee all of their fireworks.

Purcha says opening an outlet in Barriere is just a way of branching out and offering what Emerald City Fireworks can provide to the public.

“We teach fireworks courses, and then when you take the course and you get your first ticket we use you on all of our shows and we train you right on site as an apprentice. Then you work your way up on your tickets.

“We’re going to see how it goes having an outlet in the valley. It’s just branching out with our business.

“We plan to be open at 10 a.m. daily and we’ll run until 6 p.m. for now. The closer we get to Halloween, if we are busy we will just stay open the last three or four days. We will just have to see how it goes.”

Purcha notes North Thompson Valley customers are welcome to phone in their orders, and that the company can also make up a full show package to fit the customer’s budget. Orders can then be picked up at the Barriere store.

“You do have to be 19 or over to purchase fireworks., and all purchasers are provided with a pamphlet on how to shoot off fireworks safely,” said Purcha, “In Barriere you do not have to have a permit to set of fireworks, but notifying your neighbours and those with pets and livestock at least the day before is definitely something I strongly advise.

“Be aware, be safe, and be kind to your neighbours and the animals around.”

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