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Driver gets run over by her own vehicle

Submitted by G.D. Simpson

Clearwater RCMP received a call from Blackpool Fire Rescue on May 4 requesting assistance at a single motor vehicle incident in a trailer park, situated in the 900 block of Old North Thompson Highway in Clearwater, B.C.

Cst. Lockwood attended and observed a red Honda Civic down an embankment, hanging on by a tree branch. A BC Ambulance was on-sight with the 55-year-old local, female vehicle owner inside. She stated that she was attempting to roll-start her vehicle, stood behind the vehicle, gave it a push and attempted to run and jump into the driver seat.

She added she didn’t quite make it to the driver’s seat, got caught on the vehicle, tripped and went under the vehicle as it went over the bank. She appeared to have minimal injuries, but was transported to hospital.

No charges were laid as this occurred on private property. A local towing company attended and pulled the vehicle off the bank as it was supported only by a tree.

Sgt. G.D. Simpson is the detachment commander at the Clearwater RCMP detachment.