Leslie Stirling (S/J file photo)

Dynamic drives and pitiful putting helped even the score

Another Ladies’ Night has come and gone. This season is passing by much too quickly. The skies had a threatening look on June 8, but the rain did not materialize. That makes me sad for the garden but happy for my golfing.

It was four club night which is not the favourite of some of our golfers, but I like it because at my age the less decisions I have to make the better. My golfing this week was a bit strange…you might say it suited my split personality. I had dynamic, daring, dangerous drives (going for alliteration not reality) and poor, paltry, pitiful putting (speaking the truth here). Seemed to even things out and gave me a half-decent score.

Flight sponsors this week were Stamer Logging, the Smiths (Barb and Carman), Quality Contractors and Campbell & Co. The low gross winners were Theresa Young with a 41 (Flight 1), Leslie Stirling with a 54 (Flight 2 by retro), Jean Webber with a 55 (Flight 3) and Jacki Van Sickle with a 58 (Flight 4). Betty Foote was the second low gross in Flight 4. The low net winners were Susan Mitchell (Flight 1), Susan Bondar (Flight 2), and Marie Hakes (Flight 3).

The ladies kept me pretty busy dividing up pots. In Flight 1 Theresa Young had a birdie while Jan Advent and Susan Mitchell split the Chip In pot. In Flight 2 Doreen Landry and Terri Jones split the Chip In pot. Jeannie Webber won the Chip In pot for Flight 3 and Betty Foote won the same in Flight 4.

The putting people this week were Susan Mitchell (AG Foods), Susan Bondar (Armour Mountain Office Supplies), Marie Hakes (Barriere Motor Inn), Jan Davis (Barriere Timber Mart) and Val Aylward (Rainer Custom Cutting). Susan Mitchell won least putts with a phenomenal 12 while Darlene Nickull won most putts with 28. Rest in Peace prizes from North Thompson Funeral Services were won by those ladies driving their ball into the gully. KPs were made by Donna Salle (Westwin Realty), Deb Legaree (MJB Lawyer), Kathy Paul (Salle Ranch), and Doreen Landry (Brian and Brenda Carl). Jacki Van Sickle (EBL Ventures) had a KP in 2 on Hole 6 and Marian Wallace (HUB International) had one on Hole 7. Theresa Young won the Barriere IDA/Munro’s gift certificate for KP in 3 on Hole 8. Long Drives on Holes 1 and 2 were made by Susan Newberry (Sam’s Pizza), Anita Hill (Station House Restaurant), Deb Winiski (Ainsley Gullage of Sun Life Financial) and Lois McInnis (T & T Liquidation). Marian Wallace picked up the Thompson Valley Awards mug for the Accuracy Shot on Hole 3.

And that’s it for this week. Perhaps next week I will drive and putt well on the same round. As Alexander Pope said “Hope springs eternal”.

See you at the course.



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