(Ladies Golf standing head)

Hope springs eternal when it comes to golf

Tuesday, May 11 was another beautiful spring day and 32 ladies headed out to Chinook Cove Golf to enjoy an afternoon of golfing and socializing. I enjoyed the socializing more than I enjoyed the golf. We do a lot of laughing and teasing – two of my favourite things.

Husband Bob admitted to me today that he only reads the first and last paragraphs of my column. The middle section lists the winners and he said he was never going to see his name there. I replied that the way I have been golfing he isn’t likely to see my name there either. For those of you looking to see where your name might be this week here are the winners.

The low gross winners were Janice Advent with a score of 45 (Flight 1); Doreen Landry with a score of 49 (Flight 2), Lorie Chambers with a score of 45 (Flight 3) and Betty Foote with a score of 56 (Flight 4). Mary VanSickle scored a 57 to win second low gross in Flight 4. The low net winners were Leanna Layton (Flight 1), Susan Bondar (Flight 2), and Marie Hakes (Flight 3). Quality Contractors and Campbell & Co. sponsored Flights 3 and 4. The pots for Deuces, Birdies, and Chip Ins went unclaimed.

On Hole 1 Val Williams and Evelyn Lucas made long putts to pick up prizes from Barriere Motor Inn and Barriere Timber Mart. Lorie Chambers and Lois McInnis made long drives on Hole 2 to win the prizes from Barriere IDA and Rainer Custom Cutting. Those earning prizes for KPs were Theresa Young (Cindy Leibel/Westwin Realty), Susan Bondar (MJB Lawyers), Anita Hill (Salle Ranch), Kim VanSickle (Stamer Logging), Janice Advent (Barb and Carman Smith) and Doreen Landry (Brian and Brenda Carl). The long drivers on Hole 5 were Marian Wallace (Sam’s Pizza), Terri Jones (Station House Restaurant), Lorie Chambers (Ainsley Gullage of Sun Life) and Wanda Amos (T & T Liquidation). Wanda also won the KP in 2 prize from EBL Ventures on Hole 6 while Babes Shanko took the HUB International prize for the same feat on Hole 7. Speaking of Hole 7 thank you to North Thompson Funeral Services for sponsoring the Rest in Peace prizes for the ladies driving their balls into the gully. Long drives on Hole 8 were made by Susan Newberry (Thompson Valley Awards) and Doreen Landry (AG Foods). Brenda Carl came closest to the 150 marker on Hole 9 to win the prize from Armour Mountain Office Supplies. Leanna Layton used the least number of putts (14) while Terri Jones used the most putts (26).

And as for me, on Tuesday I was a complete “duffer” which Merriam-Webster defines as an incompetent, ineffectual, or clumsy person especially: a mediocre golfer. But no matter how badly or poorly I play I always look forward to my next game. In the words of Scarlet O’Hara, “Tomorrow I’ll think of some way… after all, tomorrow is another day”. Hope does spring eternal. See you on the course.