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Hot on course – but no one melted

I am slowly (and I mean slowly) acclimatizing myself to these warm temperatures. On Tuesday, July 6, the temp was in the mid-thirties and I still managed to survive my round of golf without melting. My score rose exponentially with the temperature so it was not a pretty total. I actually golfed my age and I am getting older ever day. I had the very dubious honour of winning the prize for most putts. There were a couple of other ladies that had the same number (23) as myself but I came out on top by retro. Least putts was also decided by retro, and Louise Lodge with 14 was the winner.

Low gross/low net prizes were sponsored by the Smiths (Barb and Carman), the Carls (Brenda and Brian) and Campbell & Co. You must remember that when talking about scores in golf “Gross” is good. The low gross winners were Catharine Phillips in Flight 1 (41), Kathy Cook in Flight 2 (49), Jess Thompson in Flight 3 (49) and Nancy Young in Flight 4 (47). Marg Ouellette was second low gross in Flight 4 with a score of 52. Low net scores are arrived at by subtracting your handicap from your total gross score but you still have to have golfed a decent game to win low net. The winners were Louise Lodge (Flight 1), Janet Cook (Flight 2) and Trish Thompson (Flight 3).

There was some confusion when it came to pot winners. In an effort to stop me from talking too much (who me) the ladies did not think it was necessary for me to read my poem about Pots and Pins. I was disappointed – always the ham I like to recite poetry. Deb Rainer was the biggest pot winner with a deuce in Flight 2. Catharine Phillips kept the deuce pot in Flight 1 all to herself although it was not as large as the Flight 2 pot. It’s a long story – you don’t want to know. Leanna Layton, Susan Mitchell, Donna Sale and Kelly McNabney split the Birdie pot for Flight 1.

People putting perfectly for prizes this week were Marg Ouellette (Armour Mountain Office), Louise Lodge (Barriere Motor Inn), Val Williams (Station House Restaurant), Evelyn Lucas (Sun Life Financial/Ainsley Gullage) and Darlene Nickull (T & T Liquidation). KPs were made by Catharine Phillips (Cindy Leibel/Royal LePage), Debbie Rainer (MJB Lawyer), Trish Thompson (Salle Ranch) and Nancy Young (Stamer Logging). KP in 2 prizes went to Nancy Young (EBL Ventures), Kathy Cook (HUB International) and Mary Van Sickle (Quality Contractors). The Driving Divas were Kathy Cook (Thompson Valley Awards), Deb Winiski (AG Foods and Rainer Custom Cutting), Karen Peterson (Barriere Timber Mart), Doreen Landry (Barriere IDA/Munro’s), and Marg Ouellette (Sam’s Pizza).

We finished the evening with birthday cake and some poems (yes, I got to recite them) to honour Barb Smith and Deb Rainer who reached new decades this year. I will leave you guessing which decades. See you at the course.


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