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Ladies Club Golf at Chinook Cove celebrates International Women’s Golf Night

Chinook Cove Ladies’ Golf Club celebrated International Women’s Golf Night at Chinook Cove with 32 golfers in play. (Photo submitted by: Zarina Mitchell)

Zarina Mitchell

It was another exciting week of Chinook Cove Ladies’ Club Golf, and 32 ladies participated in the International Women’s Golf Night, and to honour that we had a proxie on every single hole. The format of play was “second ball best ball”; the weather was fine, and so was the golfing. That is why we golf in groups: everyone can have fun with their friends, even if the golf itself might be sub-par.

Hole 1: Long drive in 2, flight 1, went to Donna Salle and long drive in 2, flight 2, went to Monica Lee.

Hole 2: Long drive in 2, flight 3, went to Mary VanSickle and long drive in 2, flight 4, went to Cathy McNeil.

Hole 3: Long putt for all flights went to flight 3’s Leslie Stirling. Only one KP was claimed on Hole 4, and that was Lorretta Gammel for flight 3.

Hole 5: Long drive flight 1 went to Donna Salle, long drive flight 2 went to Emma Schilling, and long drive flight 4 went to Amanda Summers.

Hole 6: KP flight 2 went to Terri Jones, KP flight 3 went to Nicole Hubber, and KP in 2 flight 4 went to Carmel Dorish.

Hole 7: KP in 2 flights 1–2 went to Susan Mitchell.

Hole 8: Long putt, flight 4 was won by Amanda Summers.

Hole 9: There was a long putt for all flights, and the winner was flight 2’s Laurie Hawley.

The least amount of putts went to Evelyn Lucas with 13. Most putts went to Melissa Bourne with 38. Flight 1: low gross went to Louise Lodge with a score of 41, and low net went to Susan Mitchell with a score of 42. Flight 2: low gross went to Monica Lee with a score of 49, and low net went to Emma Schilling with a score of 34.5. Flight 3: low gross went to Debra Westendorp with a score of 50, and low net went to Jamie Mosdell with a score of 37.5. Flight 4: low gross went to Karina Scott with a score of 53, and second low gross went to Zarina Mitchell with a score of 60. Louise Lodge also won the birdie pot this week: she got a birdie on hole 1.

Interesting golf lingo for this week:

A “Bite”: A ball with lots of backspin is said to “bite”, since it stays pretty close to where it landed or even spins back toward the player. Sometimes a player will shout (pray) for a ball to bite if it looks like it’s going past the hole. (A humorous way of doing this is to shout “Grow teeth!”)