Ladies Golf close enough for a cheery wave

A new month – new COVID rules – a new start. For the first time this year the ladies gathered on the patio at Chinook Cove to dine, share stories, hear jokes and hand out prizes on the evening of Tuesday, June 1.

It was an evening we have been looking forward to since last September. Of course, we couldn’t do any table hopping but we were just happy to see each other and give a cheery wave.

Some were pleased to pick up a golf prize while some were happy to take home a door prize. Chinook Cove added an extra prize to the table as their way of thanking the ladies for supporting our Tuesday nights.

The low gross winners this week were Theresa Young (Flight 1 – 43), Deb Legaree (Flight 2 – 51), Cathy Paul (Flight 3 – 49), Mary VanSickle (Flight 4 – 51) and Jacki VanSickle (second in Flight 4 – 56). The low net winners were Leanna Layton (Flight 1), Debbie Rainer (Flight 2) and Marie Hakes (Flight 3). The sponsors this week were Salle Ranch, the Carls (Brian and Brenda) and Campbell & Co.

It was our first week giving out prizes in person and I found dividing up the pin pots (3 pots by 4 flights) a bit challenging. Next week should be better. Three Flight 1 ladies shared the birdie pot – Louise Lodge, Theresa Young and Leanna Layton. Two Flight 2 ladies shared the chip in pot – Babes Shanko and Deb Legaree. Lorie Chambers from Flight 3 took home that birdie pot and Sarah Watts from Flight 4 walked away with the chip in pot.

The long drivers won the most pins this week. Some were long drives in 2 and the winners where Louise Lodge (Rainer Custom Cutting), Deb Legaree (Sam’s Pizza), Marie Hakes (Station House Restaurant) and Mary VanSickle (Ainsley Gullage of Sun Life). The long drive prizes went to Theresa Young (Barriere Motor Inn), Doreen Landry (AG Foods) and Anita Hill (Armour Mountain Office Supplies). KPs are actually long drives on short holes if you think about it. Those winners were Marian Wallace (Cindy Leibel of Westwin Realty), Trudy Forsythe (MJB Lawyers), Vicki McDowell (Stamer Logging), and Marla Hajmerle (Barb and Carman Smith). KP in 2 usually means you got a good second shot and those winners were Mary VanSickle (EBL Ventures), Janice Advent (Quality Contractors) and Jessica Thompson (Chad Belbin of HUB International). Putting prizes went to Leanna Layton (T & T Liquidation), Rose Seymour (Barriere Timber Mart) and Deb Legaree (Barriere IDA/Munro’s). The least putts were made by Deb Legaree (13) and the most putts were made by Kim VanSickle (27).

I can’t tell you the joke I told the ladies on Tuesday night. It was much too long and just a little risqué. But here is a good short one – Golf balls are like eggs. They’re white. Sold by the dozen. And a week later you have to buy some more.

See you at the course.



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