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Ladies Golf raised $6,596 on Cancer Night

Heh, Barriere! You did it…again. Barriere and area businesses and individuals showed their support for the Chinook Cove Ladies’ Fundraiser for Cancer Night on Aug. 23, and helped us break our record for total funds raised.

Some donated prizes for the draw table. Some collected or donated pledges. Some did both.

When the dust had settled we had raised a fantastic $6,596. Well done!

The Cancer Society wasn’t the only winner on Tuesday. There were prizes for low score, high score, best costume and game winner.

Louise Lodge, Trish Thompson, Mel Shepherd and Stacey Gartner had the low score of 35. The two teams from Thompson Valley Credit Union tied for high score of 54 so prizes went to Tanya Spears, Carleen Stamer, Nita Sharma, Angela Hazelton, Kim Rhodes and Tammy Fredericks. They really did very well for a group of non-golfers. Rose Seymour, Betty Foote and Judith Klontz also had a 54 but we only give one prize to any team and they scored 100 per cent on the game quiz.

The team of Barb Smith, Darlene Nickull, Susan Newberry and Deb Winiski once again took the prize for best costume.

There were also long drives, short drives, KPs, long putts and landing closest to the bras (you had to see them to believe them). The winners were Tanya Spears, Kayla Burian, Marian Wallace, Leslie Stirling, Susan Newberry, Deb Winiski, Kim Rhodes, Audrey Rilcoe, Bernice Randrup, Glenda Feller, Louise Lodge, Tammy Frederick, Darlene Nickull, Terri Jones, Mel Shepherd and Debbie Rainer. You have to guess why they won and from whom they won. I’m sure by now you know who all our regular sponsors are.

We did have one small glitch (emergency) when a member of a visiting foursome had a bad reaction to a sting. The ambulance was called and the team headed home. She did call back later in the week to say thank you and I was pleased to hear everything was okay.

Debbie Rainer (Captain) and Leslie Stirling (Secretary-Treasurer) have many to thank for helping to make the evening a success. Donna Janning prepared the game with some assistance from her sister, Lois McInnis. They have been doing this for a number of years and always come up with something good.

Donna Salle always helps us with the tallying and paperwork. The two Donnas also assisted with decorating. Betty Foote once again provided beautiful centrepieces with flowers from Pam Simpson’s garden. Chinook Cove Golf donated a number of passes as well as cooking up a fantastic Greek dinner.

Thanks to Deb Legaree and Susan Mitchell who helped out in the kitchen when Darleen LeCerf was sidelined by some nasty wasp. Hope you are fully recovered. As always the management and staff went out of their way to make our evening most enjoyable. Thanks to all and apologies if I have missed anyone.

We are quickly approaching our final Ladies Night (Sept. 13) so if you have not had a chance to golf Ladies Night you had best get to it. Remember it is a long cold winter. See you at the course.



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