(Standing head Ladies Golf)

Ladies on course even in the smoke

Tuesday, Aug. 3, was another warm day. The smoke had thinned in the morning showing us some of those lovely blue skies but by mid-afternoon it was rolling back in. I felt a bit like a wet noodle by the time we had finished our round. So I guess what I am saying is that the heat and smoke is the reason I didn’t golf well. Despite the temperature, 47 ladies turned out to play a round.

Tallying the pot winnings kept me pretty busy. In Flight 1 Cindy Leibel and Marla Muldoon each had a birdie and a deuce. In Flight 2 the chip in pot was split three ways between Anita Hill, Doreen Landry and Cathy Cook. Audrey Rilcoe and Jeannie Webber split the Flight 3 chip in pot and in Flight 4 Donna Fraser had a chip in while Lois McInnis had her first ever deuce to scoop up that sizable pot.

The good gross golfers were Louise Lodge (Flight 1), Ilke Marais (Flight 2), Cathy Paul (Flight 3) and Cathy Chornlesky (Flight 4). Second low gross in Flight 4 was Barb Smith. Those netting the low net prizes were Susan Newberry (1), Anita Hill (2) and Jess Thompson (3). Campbell & Co., EBL Ventures and HUB International sponsored the Low gross prizes.

Long Drive in 2 prizes went to Mary Van Sickle (Barriere Motor Inn), Dorothy Warman (Barriere Timber Mart), Louise Lodge (Barriere IDA/Munro’s), and Kelly Van Genne (Rainer Custom Cutting). Long Drive prizes were picked up by Janice Advent (Station House Restaurant), Susan Bondar (Ainsley Gullage of Sun Life Financial), Deb Winiski (T & T Liquidation) and Sue Meger (Thompson Valley Awards). The KP prizes were won by Cindy Leibel (sponsor Cindy Leibel – isn’t that a hoot?), Leslie Stirling (MJB Lawyers), Cathy Paul (Salle Ranch), Lois McInnis (Stamer Logging), Theresa Young (Barb and Carman Smith) and Kathy Cook (Brian and Brenda Carl). Only one of the three KP in 2 prizes was won and it went to Marla Muldoon (Quality Contractors). There were three long putt prizes. One was won by Lois McInnis (Sam’s Pizza) and the other two went to Babes Shanko (AG Foods and Armour Mountain Office Services). It only took Louise Lodge 12 putts to play her round so she picked up the least putt prize while Vicki Harris took 23 putts to win the most putt prizes.

A big thank you to Lois McInnis and Donna Salle for helping me with the prize calculations while buddy Deb Rainer was away helping family. She’ll be back next week to keep me in line. We will both see you at the course.



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