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Smoke blamed for poor golf game

In those memorable words of Yogi Berra with all this smoke in the air I can imagine that many of you are going through the same “deja vu all over again” that I am. All that is missing to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up is the sound of helicopters.

The only redeeming thing about the smoke is that it blocks out the sun and helps keep the heat down. I have also blamed it for my rather poor golfing on Tuesday. I don’t know what my excuse will be next week.

Despite the heat and smoke 46 ladies turned out to golf on Aug. 10. Deb and I are excited to have some many ladies golfing regularly.

Our net and gross winners this week were as follows: In Flight 1 Kelly McNabney was gross and Louise Lodge was net. In Flight 2 Ilke Marais was gross and Babes Shanko was net; in Flight 3 Mary VanSickle was gross and Audrey Rilcoe was net; and in Flight 4 Lois McInnis was gross and Donna Fraser was second gross. I just wish there was a cooler word for net. I love calling the ladies ‘gross’.

The deuce pot winners were Louise Lodge (1), Babes Shanko (2) and Deb Winiski (3). Birdies earned pots for Catharine Phillips (1), Ilke Marais (2) and Marie Hakes (3). Chip ins were made by Kelly McNabney (1) and Deb Rainer (2). As you can see the ladies of Flight 4 didn’t fare as well.

Pin placements were picked up in Flight 1 by Louise Lodge (Barriere IDA/Munro’s – long putt), Catharine Phillips (Westwin Realty – KP and HUB International – KP in2), Kelly McNabney (Station House Restaurant – long drive, the Smiths – KP, and AG Foods – long drive). In Flight 2 the winners were Debbie Rainer (MJB Lawyer – KP), Doreen Landry (Ainsley Gullage – long drive), Babes Shanko (the Carls – KP) and Kathy Cook (Armour Mountain Office – long drive). The Flight 3 prizes went to Marie Hakes (Barriere Timber Mart – long putt), Jessica Thompson (Rainer Custom Cutting – long drive and Quality Contractors – KP in 2), Jeannie Webber (Salle Ranch – KP), and Lorie Chambers (T & T Liquidation – long drive).

The folks winning in Flight 4 were Rose Seymour (Sam’s Pizza – long drive), Lois McInnis (Stamer Logging – KP), Donna Fraser (EBL Ventures – KP in 2), and Deb Winiski (Barriere Motor Inn – closest to the 15o marker). Leanna Layton had the least putts with 13, while Bernice Randrup had the most putts with 27. I didn’t get any pots, pins or prizes this week because (again in the words of Yogi) I made too many wrong mistakes.

Each week I try to give you the pin winners in a different format so things don’t get too boring. Having just finished looking at this week’s presentation I realize that it is really confusing but hey, I am on a deadline and just not prepared to do it over. It gives you all a challenge…deal with it.

See you at the course.


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