Prospective councillor Judy Armstrong. Submitted photo.

Prospective councillor Judy Armstrong. Submitted photo.

Judy Armstrong is running for council in Barriere

‘I will be an advocate for them’

Judy Armstrong has lived in Barriere for 25 years.

She volunteers for the information centre, she manages after-school programs, she runs the healthy beginnings program through Interior Community Services and she runs the Fun Fit 4 Tots program in the winter.

Now, she is running for council.

Question: What made you want to run for councillor?

A: “I do a lot of volunteering in the community, I have for years. And I love the community and I love getting out there and helping out with it.” She said running for council puts her one step deeper into the community so she can help move Barriere forward to a positive future.

When she first moved to town, she said she owned a small hairstyling business. She’s also worked in retail. That, plus all of the groups she currently belongs to, is why she believes she truly knows the community.

Question: What do you believe qualifies you for the position?

A: “I know a lot of the families in the community,” she said, from children right through to seniors. Armstrong also belongs to the seniors’ group. “I’m very involved with the community and I think I would be a very good fit. I have a very positive attitude and am willing to listen and I believe I’m very, very good at problem-solving.”

Question: What are the more important issues in Barriere?

A: She said affordable housing is a major issue. “We only have the one rental unit … it would be so nice to see, you know, some more of that come into the community, for sure. And it would be nice to see, you know, a few more businesses come into the community.” She said more businesses would help stimulate growth.

Question: What would you like to change?

A: “I think bringing in some more businesses and to stimulate the community growth and, again, the housing, the apartments and stuff. Those are two of the things that are on the top of my list, for sure.”

Question: Why should people vote for you?

A: “Because I will work very, very hard at helping the community move forward and I will listen to what people have to say and I will be an advocate for them.”

Question: How can people get in touch with you?

A: You can reach Armstrong on her cell at 250-299-5237, through Facebook or by emailing her at