Bill Kershaw                                File photo:

Bill Kershaw File photo:

Kershaw will be serving the Thompson Nicola Regional District on behalf of his constituents for another four years

Barriere’s Bill Kershaw looking forward to another term representing his area

Thompson Nicola Regional District incumbent Bill Kershaw has been elected once again as the TNRD Director for Area ‘O’ receiving 191 votes.

Kershaw, a resident of Barriere, most recently served six years in the position of Area ‘O’ director, with an additional nine years of serving the TNRD before that.

In this year’s election, Kershaw was challenged for the Area ‘O’ directorship by Bill Humphreys who received 12 votes. Humphreys served as chair of the TNRD while serving one term as mayor of Barriere from 2011 – 2014.

Kershaw was asked what he wanted to say to his constituents after the Oct. 20, 2018, election results were made official? He stated, “I want to thank everyone for their support and for re-electing me for another four years as your TNRD Director. I look forward to the new challenges that another term will bring, and also to the Trans Mountain Pipeline.”