Prospective councillor Linda Altenhofen.                                Beth Audet photo.

Prospective councillor Linda Altenhofen. Beth Audet photo.

Linda Altenhofen is running for council in Barriere

‘If you have something you believe in, you have to take it from there’

Linda Altenhofen’s family moved to Barriere in 1972. She left after graduating school but moved home eight years ago. Now she is running for council.

Question: What made you want to run for councillor?

A: “It’s a community that I grew up in and I’m going to end up retiring in and I need to make sure that it’s affordable,” she said. “That’s the main thing about running a district, it’s got to be affordable to keep the people here, to keep your seniors here, to keep the businesses here.”

Question: What do you believe qualifies you for the position?

A: “I have ideas,” she said. Although she has never worked in an official political capacity, Altenhofen said she’s been exposed to and has family who are involved in politics and she understands how a council runs. “Everybody’s got to start somewhere. If you have something you believe in, you have to take it from there.”

Question: What are the more important issues in Barriere?

A: “Families, affordability and infrastructure – you’ve got to draw a line at how much you can throw at the taxpayers.” She said the water and sewer system had to go in, no question, but if you want more recreational features, like parks, for example, you need more residents.

“We need to draw people into our community. When your tax ratio is going up but your population isn’t,” she said it becomes difficult to afford a life here and ultimately people may choose to leave.

Question: What would you like to change?

A: “I’d like to try and keep the old with the new.” She said she wants to see new people and more families coming to Barriere while taking care of those who are already here.

Question: Why should people vote for you?

A: “Because I’m sincere, I work hard, I’ve been here all my life, I’m going to retire here and people that know me know that I am sincere and that I care about the people here.” She added that she listens to what people want and she’s not afraid to say what needs to be said.

Question: How can people get in touch with you?

A: To connect with Altenhofen, you may phone her at home 250-672-1003, email her at or stop her in the street for a chat.