Great Canadian Hike covers 108,000 km in 30 days

Over 10,000 Canadians took up the Trans Canada Trail national challenge

Over 10,000 Canadians took up the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) national challenge and participated in the inaugural Great Canadian Hike, covering a combined total of 108,000 kilometres between Oct. 1 and 31. With 27,000 kilometres of trails spanning the country, that means participants hiked the equivalent of four full lengths of the trail, or 2.5 times around the circumference of the globe.

People from across Canada participated, including a number of North Thompson Valley residents who made the challenge a family event. The event provided numerous opportunities for hikers to have fun spending time outdoors while maintaining safe physical distancing due to the ongoing pandemic.

“We launched the Great Canadian Hike this year because we wanted to invite Canadians to explore the Trail – and their communities – particularly in the context of COVID-19. The pandemic period has meant that Canadians are on trails in increasing numbers, seeking access to nature and opportunities to recreate safely. We are thus delighted to see that thousands of people took time to experience the incredible, scenic outdoor landscapes our country has to offer by participating in the Great Canadian Hike,” said Eleanor McMahon, President and CEO of Trans Canada Trail.

“At this time when physical distancing is necessary to maintain good health, The Great Trail of Canada is the perfect place to hike, walk, jog, cycle, paddle and explore. These are activities you can do by yourself or with family and friends because you can be together socially while following public health and safety guidelines,” she added.

Participants who shared their adventure on social media were eligible to win weekly prizes, with 34 winners receiving a prize pack as well as the two Grand Prize winners; Joanna Verano, of Victoria, B.C., and Cheryl Morreale of Toronto, ON.

Great Canadian Hike representatives say they carefully planned in compliance with public health directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Safety was prioritized and TCT provided national guidelines on safe trail use to all governmental and trail partners in advance of the event. Plans are already underway to make the Great Canadian Hike and annual event.

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