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2 injured from wasps nests put in compost bins, sparking reminder in Chilliwack

Collection workers stung multiple times; city asking residents to dispose of wasp nests properly
A wasp nest in North Saanich. The City of Chilliwack is asking residents not to put active wasp nests in green carts after collection staff were injured. (Sue Weisgerber)

A B.C. city is issuing a remind not to put active wasp nests in compostable waste bins after collection workers were stung several times.

Two employees with Emterra Environmental in Chilliwack received multiple wasp stings when emptying a green cart, which contained live wasps and their nest. Green carts are intended for combined food waste, food-soiled paper and yard waste.

“As a result of the number and severity of stings, the workers had to seek treatment at the emergency room at the hospital,” Jamie Leggatt, director of communications with the city, stated in an email.

A notification was posted on the Chilliwack Curbside Collection app on Aug. 31 to raise awareness.

“There have been a couple of recent incidents where active wasp nests in green carts have caused injuries to collection staff. Please do not put green carts containing wasp nests out for collection because it’s a health and safety concern.”

To dispose of a wasp nest safely, put it in a tightly tied plastic bag and place it in the freezer for at least 48 hours before putting it into a lidded garbage container – not the green cart.

People can also seek assistance from a contractor.

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