2012 Fall Fair receives a 99% evaluation

the North Thompson Agriplex has been utilized almost every day since the beginning of February

Members of the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Association are already working on preparations for their 2013 64th annual Fall Fair and Rodeo event.  But those who turned out to the association’s March 20 general meeting gladly took a few moments to look back in time at what they had accomplished at the 63rd annual event in 2012, as they had just been advised it had scored a 99 per cent evaluation by the BC Association of Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions.

“We were pretty proud when our 2011 Fair scored a 94 per cent, which was the highest score of any fair our size in B.C.,” said past president Donna Kibble during a telephone interview, “However, receiving a 99 per cent is absolutely wonderful.  Everyone works so hard, it is great to see that effort rewarded with such an impressive score.”

Although the evaluation was a little late in arriving, it was certainly met with applause by the members, many who smilingly commented “where will we go from here?”.

Other items on the meeting’s agenda included filling the director position that was vacated by Dick Ross due to his recent passing.

Carmen Ross was unanimously elected to the position, and will continue to carry on the running of the BCRA rodeo section of the annual Fall Fair.

It was also reported that the North Thompson Agriplex has been utilized almost every day since the beginning of February by area horsemen who have been able to exercise and train their mounts indoors while the footing outside has been frozen and icy.  Monies raised from these user fees goes directly towards the current construction costs incurred by the Agriplex.

It was also reported that the meeting hall addition to the Agriplex will be ready to host the Celebration of Rural Living Expo and Trade Show on Apr. 27 and 28.  The drywall and mudding is almost complete, and a painting party for the hall will be organized within a week or so.  Anyone who would like to help can call 250-31908023.