80+ parents sign up for new adoption portal in its first month

B.C.’s new adoption website, Adopt BC Kids, has attracted 84 prospective adoptive families

VICTORIA – B.C.’s new adoption website, Adopt BC Kids, has attracted 84 prospective adoptive families just six weeks after going live, helping to provide more loving homes for B.C.’s waiting children.

The 84 families have received user identification to access the site.

Eleven of the website users have applied to adopt and ten approved families have been linked for increased access to child profiles.

Anyone with a BCeID can access the site. Only those with an approved home study can browse the child profiles with pictures and videos.

“I’m thrilled that Adopt BC Kids is off to such a positive start by attracting so many prospective adoptive families,” said Stephanie Cadieux, Minister for Children and Family Development. “Online technology only improves adoption information and support, moving us closer to our goal of finding homes for all of B.C.’s waiting children.”

The new user-friendly system was unveiled Oct. 31, 2016, and lets prospective adoptive parents manage their application online, allowing adoption workers to help find the right family match faster for waiting children.

“Overall, I’d say we’re really excited about the new online adoption application!” says prospective adoptive parent Brittany Mallett. “As far as the site layout and navigation, we’re really pleased. It has been easy to find what we’re looking for and the search function is great. I like the variety of ways we can narrow the search, including looking at only new, updated profiles, age and sibling group size. The profiles seem well written and detailed enough to get a good idea of what the children are like and what their needs are.”

The Adopt BC Kids portal is the first of its kind in Canada. No other jurisdiction has an automatic, computerized system that captures all children available for adoption and all families applying to adopt in one database. It allows parents to track where they are in the process and what documents have been received by the ministry so they can better understand the next steps.

If you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent to one of B.C.’s waiting children or youth, visit: www.gov.bc.ca/adoptbckids or call 1-877 ADOPT-07.