A record year in organ donation and transplants

Three hundred and forty six (346) transplants were carried out in British Columbia in 2013

Another record has been set for transplants performed in B.C.

Three hundred and forty six (346) transplants were carried out in British Columbia in 2013, providing a new chance at life for many patients on the organ waitlist in BC. That’s 40 more transplants than the year before.

In all, 197 British Columbians donated organs in 2013 (130 living donors and 67 deceased donors).

Living kidney donation contributed to the greatest increase in kidney transplant numbers. The increase can be attributed to several factors – the ability of the transplant centres to fast track assessment of potential living donors; greater public awareness of organ donation options; and B.C.’s participation at the national level in programs such as the Living Donor Paired Exchange, managed by Canadian Blood Services, to connect non-matching donors and recipients with other potential matches across Canada.

B.C.’s donors per million population rate for 2013 continues to lead the country for living donation at 28 donors per million population.

The rate for deceased donation, of 14.5 donors per million population, is on par with the national average.

Highlights for 2013: (complete stats included at end of release)

• Total number of transplants – 346, increase of 40 over previous year

• Record number of kidney transplants from living donors – 127 – (83 in 2012)

• Two combination heart/kidney transplants performed (only 6 such transplants performed in BC since 1968)

• Heart transplants – 23 (16 in 2012)

• VGH Transplant Centre – 199 transplants (168 in 2012)

• St Paul’s Transplant Centre – 140 transplants (131 in 2012)

• BC Children’s Hospital – 7 (7 in 2012)

• Living donors – 130 (90 in 2012)

• Deceased donors – 67 (70 in 2012)

• Pediatric heart transplant program announced for development at BC Children’s Hospital

Approximately 495 people in B.C. are currently waiting for a life-saving transplant.

Register to be an organ donor at transplant.bc.ca – 85 per cent of British Columbians agree with organ donation, yet only 19 per cent have registered their decision.