Affordable broadband comes to Barriere area

High speed internet for rural areas

Barrett Xplore are offering satellite broadband to residents within the above pie shaped area. A representative will be at Barriere AG Foods on Monday

Barrett Xplore are offering satellite broadband to residents within the above pie shaped area. A representative will be at Barriere AG Foods on Monday

Getting affordable broadband outside of towns and cities in B.C. is a challenge that has kept many British Columbians from enjoying its life-altering benefits.  Barrett Xplore Inc., Canada’s largest rural broadband provider, is now test-marketing around Barriere a new Xplornet Internet Services package designed especially to address the affordability gap experienced by many rural internet users.

“Barriere is rural B.C.,” says Barrett Xplore’s SVP Strategic Business Development, Bill Macdonald, “It has low population density and difficult topography. That is exactly why we chose the Barriere area to test market this package.  We are working hard to bring technologies that can reduce the costs of broadband to rural Canadians, and we think B.C. residents are eager for this kind of solution.”

For a limited time, Barrett Xplore will offer an Xplornet satellite broadband service

The area chosen for the test-marketing project covers the Barriere High School catchment area (area from where students are bussed into Barriere for their schooling); this extends east towards Adams Lake, as far north as Little Fort, and as far south as McLure, and includes Chu Chua, Darfield, North Thompson Indian Reserve, Chinook Cove, Louis Creek, Exlou, Blucher Hall, Squam Bay, and Brennan Creek.

“We already have the satellite that goes everywhere,” said MacDonald, “Now we want to provide service to those areas where the traditional broadband can’t reach. It’s not a broadband availability gap, but an affordability gap.    This project is not designed to compete against TELUS and other area providers. We are trying to give affordable broadband to those areas who really need it.”

McDonald added that those signing on for the new broadband service will have a satellite dish installed on their home, similar to TV satellite dishes, that will bring in the high speed service.

“Broadband is a lifeline to e-commerce, communication and learning,” commented District of Barriere Mayor Mike Fennell, “This is a major boost to the ability of our town and the surrounding area to attract residents, build a strong business environment and bring services to our citizens.”

Sales and service for the Barriere area is being provided by a Barrett Xplore Inc. dealer, Satnet Digital Solutions Ltd., in Kamloops.  The dealer will be available at Barriere AG Foods grocery store on Mondays from 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. to provide information to residents about the offer from March 7th  to March 28th.

With its combination of fixed wireless and satellite technology, Barrett Xplore Inc. can deliver broadband everywhere in Canada.  It has also recently announced that it will build Canada’s first national 4G broadband network, which will provide 100 per cent coverage across Canada by the end of 2012.

About Barrett Xplore Inc.

Headquartered in Woodstock, New Brunswick, Barrett Xplore Inc. operates Xplornet Internet Services, Canada’s largest rural broadband provider, with customers and dealers in every province and territory. Barrett Xplore aims to bridge the urban/rural digital divide by ensuring that every Canadian, regardless of where they live, has access to broadband, thereby enabling them to compete effectively in the global economy and gain access to essential government and educational services. For additional information, please visit