AgriVenture, bringing the world to your Canadian farm


AgriVenture programs provide international trainee workers that can be an extra pair of hands when Canadian farmers need them, and a cultural experience for the Canadian farm family. Trainees come from Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Luxemburg, France, Finland, and the Philippines.

Placement opportunities are available for agricultural, horticultural, equine, wineries and other related operations.

Travel, visa, insurance and placement details are arranged and provided for by AgriVenture. Canadian host farms/operations provide a training wage, Workers Compensation, room and board, and a cultural experience. Trainees are 18-30 years of age.

There is still time to apply to be a trainee in New Zealand, Australia or Europe this fall.  Simply visit our website on and log-on to contact our new professional team who will be waiting to help you put ‘The World At Your Feet.’

For more information contact:, call 1-888-598-4415,_write to: AgriVenture Global, Box 165, Annaheim, SK, SOK OGO, or visit

AgriVenture Global is solely owned and operated by IAEA (International Agricultural Exchange Association), a non-profit membership organization.