Area mines recognized for safety achievements

Two mining operations near Kamloops receive Mine Safety Awards from the B.C. government

KAMLOOPS – Two mining operations near Kamloops have received Mine Safety Awards from the B.C. government.

New Gold Inc.’s New Afton Mine, located 10 kilometres west of Kamloops, received the Large Underground Mines Award, which is presented to the underground mine that had the lowest injury-frequency rate.

New Afton is one of five new mines that have opened since the start of the provincial government’s B.C. Jobs Plan in 2011.

Meanwhile, Plateau Construction Ltd.’s Harper Ranch Quarry, located 18 kilometres east of Kamloops, was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for operations with at least 15,000 worker hours and an injury-frequency rate of zero.

“British Columbia is committed to ensuring mining remains one of the safest heavy industries in the province,” Kamloops-North Thompson MLA Terry Lake said. “This commitment is reflected in the outstanding safety record of mining companies around the Kamloops region. I would like to thank the inspectors, management, workers and unions who have made safety their primary goal.”

“The health and safety of workers is always at the forefront of mining operations,” Kamloops-South Thompson MLA Todd Stone said. “These awards demonstrate that it is possible for mines to operate successfully while maintaining a high standard of health and safety for workers.”

The Mine Safety Awards were presented to mines and quarries operating in British Columbia that had the lowest injury-frequency rate during the previous calendar year. The companies acknowledged are leaders in workplace safety in an industry that is critical to B.C.’s diverse, strong and growing economy.

This past year saw a decrease in the total estimated injury rate at mines in B.C. as well as a decrease in the number of days lost to injury.

B.C.’s mining industry remains one of the safest heavy industries in the province, a direct reflection of the co-operative effort of mine employees, mine management and unions and the sector’s commitment to maintaining high health and safety standards.