Avalanche claims two lives in McBride

Two Alberta snowmobilers found buried under 15 feet of snow

McBride RCMP

On the morning of March 21, 2015, four men from Alberta were snowmobiling on the Lower Dore Mountain Range near McBride.

An avalanche occurred and three of the four were caught in it.

One man was able to dig himself out immediately.

The third man was dug out by the other two survivors but it was apparent that he had succumbed to his injuries and was deceased at the time of the recovery.

The two survivors were not able to locate the forth individual so they went for help.

At the time, the Search and Rescue team (SAR) deemed the conditions in the area to be too dangerous to attempt a search and recover effort at that time.

On the morning of March 22, SAR, the Coroner Service and local resources implemented a recovery plan.

The deceased man was first removed by long line helicopter;  and once the avalanche technicians deemed the area to be safe, the second deceased man was located a short distance from the first in approximately 15 feet of snow.

The names of the deceased are being withheld, but police can confirm the two men are:  29-year-old man from Ponoka, AB.: and a  36-year-old man from Sherwood Park, AB.

As this is a BC Coroners case, no further details will be released by police.