B.C. Ranchers seek a carbon tax exemption to offset loss of HST

carbon tax, HST

B.C. cattle producers are disappointed in the HST referendum results and will be seeking an exemption from the Carbon Tax which has financially impacted every rancher in B.C.

“Today most ranchers will hear the news about the HST while in their tractor cutting hay,” said BCCA president and rancher Judy Guichon after the referendum vote was announced a week go. “The irony of hearing about the loss of the HST while in the tractor is that fuel costs have tripled, partly due to the Carbon Tax.”

“In June, cattle producers voted unanimously in favour of seeking a full exemption from the Carbon Tax for farm fuel,” says Kevin Boon, BC Cattlemen’s Association General Manager. The Association will be joining forces with other agriculture groups, including the BC Agriculture Council, to relieve farmers and ranchers of the burden imposed by the Carbon Tax.

The former PST/GST system included a list of items that were exempt from the tax when used for farming/ranching purposes. This list was not comprehensive enough to include all items needed to meet the needs of today’s ranchers.  Losing the HST will reduce the ranchers’ cash flow that could be reinvested in their ranch and community.

Today, only 1.5 per cent of B.C.’s population lives on farms or ranches. The marginal victory of 54 per cent in the referendum is further evidence that voters are disconnected from the needs of the people who grow their food.