Barriere’s 100th cancelled until July 1

100th celebration rescheduled due to threat of thunder storms

NDistrict of Barriere CAO, Colleen Hannigan, says the reason Barriere’s 100th Anniversary celebration scheduled to take place last Sunday afternoon was cancelled that morning was “due to a weather forecast of thunderstorms for the area”.

“With metal in our tents, metal fences and people set to be playing games on the ball fields where the event was to be held we had concerns about lightening – we did a lot of soul-searching before finally calling it all off,” said Hannigan.  “The risk of lightening in the area was predicted by weather forecasters for between 3 and 5 p.m., the time of our event.”

However, Hannigan says the event has not been scrapped, just rescheduled to happen at Fadear Park and the Bandshell on July 1 in conjunction with Canada Day celebrations.