BC Liberal’s candidate Terry Lake says he is a “free enterpriser”

The candidates running for the Kamloops-North Thompson riding will be in Barriere for an All Candidates Forum this Friday, May 3

Dr. Terry Lake

Dr. Terry Lake

Dr. Terry Lake was in Barriere on Wednesday, Apr. 24, for a meet and greet in the Legion basement hall.

A good number of area residents turned out to hear what the incumbent BC Liberal’s candidate for the Kamloops-North Thompson riding had to say.

Lake offered up answers to a wide range of questions from those in attendance.

One attendee stated, “The oneness should be on the media to do a little bit better job about what goes on in our province, not just what goes on in the lower mainland.”

Lake agreed, saying, “Media does have to do a little bit better job about what’s happening in the rest of B.C.”

On the question of highway improvements, especially the Yellowhead, he noted, “If a community feels there is a section of highway that needs to be looked at just let me know.  For the next term I think we need to focus on identifying these problem areas.  Sit down with people who are familiar with the road and try to identify where some of these problems are and rectify them.”

Asked about left hand turn lanes into Little Fort, Lake answered that he had already placed this on file and was waiting to hear when it would become a project.

He also said, “Look at the ‘90’s, not very much got built in British Columbia; now look at how much infrastructure we have in the province.”

Lake also noted that he would prefer to see the North Thompson Agriplex in Barriere become the center for agriculture in the region, rather than building another facility in Rayleigh.

Lake also stated, “Everyone knows I am a Liberal, but I am also a free enterpriser.  When we get elected we will be changing the name and we will be about free enterprise.”

Asked about retaining jobs in the province should the NDP be elected, Lake answered, “The operating engineers are encouraging their members to vote BC Liberal because they have said “there won’t be any jobs if we vote NDP”.  I don’t know how you can support jobs if you don’t support free enterprise.”

He also stated that the nurses are supporting the BC Liberals, and that the teachers have always done better under the BC Liberals.  “Teachers got a three per cent increase under the BC Liberals, one per cent under the NDP.”

One attendee said she was worried about another party being elected, “If you give people enough things for nothing, they all vote for you.  We’re going to give you this, were going to give you that, without worrying where the money is coming from.  I find that really scary.”

Lake replied, “Government is no different than your household.  You have to live within your means.  I’m hopeful that when people actually go into a ballot box they will vote with their wallets.  I would not want to be part of a government that is telling you something, and then once elected not doing that.  I want to be elected for the right reasons.”

“I think people understand that you can’t keep writing cheques. Young people are concerned about their future, about creating debt, about writing cheques.”

“We have 25 per cent more university seats than we did in 2001.  This includes TRU.”

Lake also said, “We need to support communities, make sure you have services here; doctors, nurses, lawyers.  The organization of our culture is happening all over rural North America.  We are about investing in communities and creating jobs.  Right now a lot of people are sitting on their hands.  They are thinking about investing, but they want a free enterprise government.”

The candidates running for the Kamloops-North Thompson riding will be in Barriere for an All Candidates Forum this Friday, May 3, 7 p.m. at the Fall Fair Hall on Barriere Lakes Road.  It is hosted by the Star/Journal.