Clearwater dogs seized.

Clearwater dogs seized.

BC SPCA hopes public will help dogs seized in Clearwater

Sixteen dogs seized from a property in Clearwater, B.C. during early February

Sixteen dogs seized from a property in Clearwater, B.C. during early February are continuing their road to recovery, and the BC SPCA is hoping the public can help them have a good start to a better future.

The Kelowna and Penticton Branches of the BC SPCA are continuing to work with the badly neglected canines through a rehabilitation program that focuses on medical care, emotional welfare development and socialization, but veterinary costs have escalated, as many of the dogs need more extensive medical treatment than initially identified.

“Sadly, many of the dogs require intensive dental medical treatment as well as other surgeries – most have now been spayed or neutered,” says Suzanne Pugh, manager, Kelowna Branch, BC SPCA. “One dog is recovering from a five-hour surgery where several masses were removed, samples have been sent away for diagnosis and extensive dental work was carried out. Another has a heart condition requiring further monitoring.”

The dogs, mostly standard poodle and golden retriever crosses, had been living in unacceptable and neglectful conditions when seized by SPCA constables. Two horses in distress were also removed from the property and three deceased animals were found on the site.

The dogs are being placed in foster care so that BC SPCA staff and volunteers can continue to monitor their medical and emotional conditions. “We hope to have the dogs in foster care for a short time and then place them up for adoption once they are ready,” Pugh says.

The BC SPCA is a non-profit organization that relies on the public’s generosity to carry out its mission. If you can help these dogs and other animals like them in need at the Kelowna and Penticton BC SPCA shelters, donations will be gratefully received online at and or in person, at 3785 Casorso Road., Kelowna and at 2200 Dartmouth Drive, Penticton.