Board trustee welcomes the new school year

Joanne Stokes School Trustee 2011

The Board of Education is meeting in Barriere on Monday Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. at Barriere Elementary School. Everyone is welcome to attend.

If parents have questions or concerns about the teachers’ job action go onto the school district web site at and click on job action update.

While you are browsing the web site you can view policies, board minutes and agendas, upcoming events and information on schools and links to the schools’ websites.

In October the School District is holding its annual Conference at TRU. This year it’s called Collaborate 2011:  Transforming Schools Through Family, School and Community Partnerships, Oct. 20 to Oct. 22. On the Thursday night of the conference Dr. Daniel Amen will be speaking at the Calvary Community Church, 1205 Rogers Way (note location change to accommodate more people). This session is open to all community members to attend. Dr. Amen’s presentation will be “Magnificent Mind At Any Age”. The cost of this session is $50 or is included if attending the entire conference. He will also be presenting on Friday morning at TRU and his speech is titled “Making a Good Brain Great.” Other speakers attending the conference are Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Dr. Judy Halbert, Dr. Linda Kaser, Angela Maiers, Audrey Hobbs Johnson, Wayne Hulley, and Laura Lipton. Dr. Martin Brokenleg’s talks take place at the Barber Centre in the House of Learning. His morning session is titled “Reaching Deeper: Touching a Student’s Inner World” and his afternoon session will be “Creating a Positive Youth Culture.” Please go onto the school district website to get more information and to register for this conference.

I have decided to run for trustee again for my fourth term in November. I have nine years of experience as trustee for the Barriere/Little Fort area and would be happy to represent the area for another three years. Thank you for your support in the past and your continued support of my trusteeship.