Canadians denied say on Electoral Reform says MP Cathy Mcleod

MP disappointed with Liberal plan to change voting system without Canadians having final say

Cathy McLeod, Member of Parliament for Kamloops – Thompson – Cariboo says she is extremely disappointed with the Liberal plan to change the voting system without Canadians having the final say in a national referendum.

“The Liberals have stacked the deck and announced a committee that would give them complete control over changes to our voting system. When the rules of democracy are being changed, everyone should have a say,” said McLeod. “Further, we already know that the Liberal Party has pushed for a preferential voting system, which is clearly to their advantage.”

“Our best examples of voting system consultations in Canada, the citizens’ assemblies of British Columbia and Ontario, and the in-depth studies in Prince Edward Island, all concluded with a referendum. That’s the standard of behavior that Canadians now expect,” stated McLeod.

The Liberal dominated Parliamentary Committee will review a variety of reforms, such as ranked ballot, proportional representation, mandatory voting and online voting.

“I believe a more fair way forward would be my recommendations that an independent assembly of citizens be tasked with proposing a uniquely made-in-Canada model. This proposal should then go to a referendum, so that Canadians can choose between our current system and the assembly’s suggested alternative. Fifty percent plus one should be the threshold for change,” concluded McLeod.